New year’s resolutions you can start any time of the year

Whose idea was it that you had to wait until the new year to turn your life around? If you want to live healthier or take on more adventures, then get started on it straight away. Make your new year’s resolution right now.


Exercise more

This is actually something that is probably much better to take on at any time other than the new year. January is the busiest month for gym memberships, and you will find yourself fighting to use the equipment or waiting around in lines. It can also be much more overwhelming when you step into an overcrowded gym, meaning you might want to just walk right back out again. Of course, you can combat this by buying your own gym equipment to use at home. You can get gym rigs for athletes and beginners easily online and get them set up in your spare room or your garage.


Stop smoking

Quitting smoking is a change that is best made as soon as possible. Do not put it off or tell yourself you will start in the new year, stop smoking now! There are plenty of services available to help you achieve this and again, January is their busiest time so get signed up right now.


Learn a new skill or hobby

The sooner you get started on a new hobby the better. If you find that you enjoy it or you discover a natural talent for it then you will be kicking yourself for not picking it up sooner. Do not waste any time in finding your new favourite hobby.


Save money/spend less

Another resolution that you will be kicking yourself for not taking on sooner. If you tell yourself that you are going to spend less money in the new year, then you might find yourself splashing out over Christmas more so than you normally would. And once you hit January it will be easy to spend less because everyone is recovering from the festive season, once your money flow picks up again you are likely to slip back into old habits. Start changing your spending habits whilst you have your regular income, and it will be easier to maintain this change going forward.


Travel more

The beauty of travelling abroad is that there is always somewhere to go, no matter what the time of year. If you are looking for some sun, then you will be able to find somewhere that is hot in the middle of November. You will struggle to book trips in January because everyone else will have the same idea, trying to get away from the January blues and seeking out some winter sun. Start planning your trips now and get things booked in before anyone else.


Spend more time with family

The truth is that we often do not truly appreciate the time spent with loved ones until it is too late so do not waste any time in creating those happy memories that you can treasure forever.



Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow