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Ethel Cain Makes Her Toronto Debut

*photos and words by the talented Kate Killet Ethel Cain may be on her Freezer Bride tour but things are only heating up for the rising star who’s quickly selling out show after show. While Hayden Silas Anhedönia is the…

The Backseat Lovers in Toronto

The Backseat Lovers brought their Turning Point Tour to Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre on July 28. Along on the tour is Over Under, as well from Utah. Over Under set the scene with their soft melodies and emotive musicianship. The…


How to Choose a New Rug for Any Room

While some people prefer or require bare floors, every room looks better with a rug to anchor the furniture and give a room that finished look. If you’re in the process of buying a new rug for your home and…

9 Interesting Things To Do When In Vegas

If you head to Vegas, there are many things to do in this famed city. From crazy nightlife, sightseeing tours, and all of the casinos! Here are seven things you need to do for your trip to the iconic city….