The story of ADDICTED is a tale of two friends, one struggling with trauma, substance abuse and addiction, the other fighting against the stereotypes and expectations that were crushing her spirit.  Their individual struggles pulled them apart for a time, but when Mark Munroe and Nadia Elkharadly reconnected, their friendship strengthened and deepened.  Mark, a social media maverick and budding business guru, and Nadia, a gifted writer, content creator and aspiring activist, had already worked together in their past.  But unlike the stuffy corporation that brought them together in the first place, they wanted to create something of their very own, that would not only help both their dreams come true but make the world a better place at the same time.  So, they joined forces to create ADDICTED Magazine.


Built on a foundation of friendship, hope and positive intentions, ADDICTED Magazine is now one of Canada’s fastest-growing digital publications.  ADDICTED features businesses, founders, creators and artists whose values match our own, trailblazers and thought leaders, who understand that in order to be better, we need to do better.  At ADDICTED, our goal is to make the world a better place, one story at a time.  Whether it’s new music to inspire you, financial advice to guide you, product reviews to help you, and expertise from different industries to educate you,  we endeavour to help you do better, as we all attempt to live better, and to be better, together.


Welcome to ADDICTED.


ADDICTED creators Mark Munroe and Nadia Elkharadly




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