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TIFF 2021: ‘The Worst Person In The World’ Is An Unforgettable Look At Womanhood In Twelve Chapters

If there was ever a genre created for Norwegian rom-coms, then The Worst Person In The World might be its Citizen Kane. Yes, this is a great film. It’s also an exciting and unbridled one, offering a portrait of a devil-may-care…

TESTED: Carnivore Club Cured Meat Subscription Boxes

In our latest adventures, we find ourselves thinking about our deep love for charcuterie, cured meats, and other savoury treats, so when we heard about Carnivore Club and their subscription service, we just had to try it out for ourselves….

Bold by Nature Dog Food

TESTED: Bold by Nature Dog Food

For those of you following along, you know that I adopted a rescue dog named Mantar, and for those that don’t, now you do. This past January, my partner and I took Manny in as a rescue, and when asked…

Seekers: Men’s Jewellery We Love

I’ve always loved jewellery, men’s and women’s, but I’ve never really worn much outside of a watch whenever I dress up, that is until recently. Whether it’s because we’ve been at home far too long or just age and stage,…

How To Fight Boredom And Start Enjoying Your Alone Time

With everything that’s happening worldwide, one of the best ways to keep yourself safe is to stay at home, despite the ease of restrictions in some places. However, one of the challenges of staying home is boredom, especially for extroverts….

7 Ways to Start Enjoying the Single Life

If you’ve clicked on this article, it’s probably because you’ve recently entered a new chapter in your life. New beginnings can be scary, but they don’t have to be. Every moment in life is a new opportunity to learn, and…