Tips for Easy Workouts at Home

Is your gym also closed for COVID-19? Or are you so tired of being trapped at home that you need some activity ASAP? No matter what it is, you can achieve effective workout sessions at home, as long as you have a few tricks up your sleeve. If you want to skip the gym and start working out at home, here’s what to keep in mind:


Stay motivated

People think that the hardest part of being active is finishing your workout, but the truth is that starting your workout is the real obstacle people struggle with. We all say we’ll stick to our schedules, but how many of us actually do (especially when you’re not even paying for a gym membership). Before you start investing in home gym equipment, exercise your sense of accountability. You can join a community of home gym enthusiasts so you can bond with people and share goals and experiences.


Ensure focus

Our homes are full of distractions that can both prevent you from starting your workout and cut it short. There’s family, notifications, Netflix, noisy neighbors, etc. all of which can throw you off your path. To minimize distractions, you can pause notifications on your phone, find a quiet corner to perform your workouts and inform your family that you’ll be unavailable for 20-30 minutes.


Plan your workouts

Working out at home offers a lot of convenience, which is not always a good thing. Sure, you can work out whenever you want and in whatever you want, but it can also lead to many missed workouts. To stay committed, plan your weekly sessions. Schedule workouts in your calendar and keep track of times, reps and sets.


Set up your gym

To get the most out of your home workout, you might consider designating an empty corner or room for working out. Setting up your home gym requires a few investments, but it’s mostly about providing yourself with a distraction-free space so you can focus on your fitness. If you need good gym equipment retailers, companies like Catch Fitness will provide you with everything you need, from weights and racks to cardio machines. And they also offer gym floorings, so you can perform bodyweight exercises on the floor safely and comfortably. Find a one-stop-shop for your equipment, invest in a few pieces you love and your home gym is ready.


Make sure to warm-up

Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean you can skip your warm-up and cool down. Preparing your body for physical activity can improve your muscle strength and power, so always do a warm-up before and cool down after your session. Include all kinds of stretches at the end to speed up recovery. Passing out on the sofa after your workout doesn’t count as cool down, though!


Suit up

When you’re at home, you’re probably in your cozy t-shirt or even in pajamas. While these clothes are comfy, they can make you feel lazy and unmotivated. Instead of hanging out in your pajamas, as soon as you wake up, put on your best workout clothes and you’ll be more likely to do your workout. Besides home gym equipment, your drip is the most important part of getting you motivated.


Play your favorite tunes

Music can make all the difference in your workouts at home. It gets the blood going, keeps you motivated and focused and prevents your mind from wandering off. Create a banging playlist for yourself and don’t forget to blast it as you start working out.


Train in the morning

People who are not early risers might disagree, but according to science, it’s best to do your workouts in the morning. If you get up and do a 30-minute session before work or house chores, you can continue with your day without having to worry about your workout. People who choose to work out in the morning usually have more success. 


It’s possible to stay consistent with your workouts at home, you only need a few tricks to improve your motivation and make your workouts more effective. With these tips above, you’ll be in shape in no time without having to risk your health and waste your money on public gyms. 



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff