How to Build a Perfect Home Gym

Working out regularly should be a part of everyone’s routines. It keeps our body physically fit and healthy and boosts the immune system. Is there a way to stay fit without going to the gym? Build your own home gym! 

Building a home gym is an ideal way to pursue your fitness goals if you’re not interested in the gym in your area or public workouts. It’s a venture that requires time, space and sometimes money. However, if you’re determined to achieve your body goals, nothing is too expensive or time-consuming. Follow some of these simple steps if you’d like to build your home gym.


1. Plan the space and your routine

Creating a house gym requires enough space. You need a separate room or a separate space where you can create your own training area. Technically, you could place a treadmill in the middle of your living room, or tuck one under your desk or bed, but you can’t call it a home gym, can you? 

Believe it or not, equipment in professional gyms takes up a lot of space as it is large and cumbersome. It requires enough space and proper installation. So, if you can’t use a spare or guest room, basement or attic as your home gym, you may need to rethink your fitness goals. 

Set your fitness goal and research the equipment and space you need to achieve it. If you’re tight on space, consider getting only the equipment that will help you achieve those goals. There is no point in getting a weight bench if you don’t plan on doing bodybuilding exercises.


2. Prepare the space

If you opted for a spare room or space inside your home, you must prepare it before creating your gym. The first step is always cleaning. Many spare rooms or basements in our homes are filled with clutter and unnecessary things you no longer use. Try to find a different storage place and get rid of everything you won’t need in the future. 

After you’ve removed all the clutter and furniture that just takes up space, consider cleaning the room thoroughly. From the floor to the ceiling, clean every corner of that room. Clean the windows and repaint the walls if necessary. 

That space needs to be clean as you’ll be spending time there at least a couple of times a week. You don’t want to breathe the dust in or get respiratory infections from the dust and dirt. Besides that, if you don’t have a carpeted floor, try to find a way not to damage the floors with the equipment.

That is why it make be necessary to take the extra effort to learn how to build a home gym and then DIY it!


3. Equipment for cardio

Let’s face it, equipping your house gym with all the equipment you have in the gyms is quite expensive. Equipment costs a fortune and takes up a lot of space. So, if your goal is to stay fit, you need to get or purchase equipment for cardio and bodyweight exercises.

Treadmills are usually a must-have at every gym. However, they are usually pretty expensive and take up a lot of space. Instead of treadmills, fitness bikes are a better option for cardio. They are cost-effective and not as expensive as treadmills. In addition, they are not as bulky, meaning they don’t take up as much space. Overall, fitness bikes may be a better option for your home gym.

Another great way to boost your heart rate is by climbing the stairs. You don’t have to have the stairs as there is a piece of equipment that effectively solves your problems- a stair stepper. It’s a low-intensity exercise that has the same tightening effect as continuously climbing a set of stairs. Some types of stair steppers include grips for the hands so you can also practice your arms.


4. Bodybuilding equipment

Not everyone finds joy in doing cardio. Even though it should be at least a part of your routine, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For many fitness enthusiasts, strength is their ultimate goal. If you want to build your muscles and have the perfect body, you need bodybuilding equipment.

Consider investing in a good weight bench if your home gym is spacey. It’s like exercising at the gym but not leaving the comfort of your home. Your arms and shoulders would be to die for. Another great way to build muscles in your arms and back is by using a cable machine. Even though it’s effective, it takes up too much space.

Instead of overbulking your home gym, try to find alternative solutions. Invest in a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell. It’s great for your at-home strength workout and doesn’t occupy too much space in your home. Working at home with weights or different strength equipment is great if you are not a fitness rookie. If you’re just a beginner, try exercising using bodyweight only. Don’t underestimate it; it’s hard and gives marvellous effects.


5. Switch it up

The perk of visiting a real gym is that you don’t always have to work out in the same space using the same equipment. If you have a membership at the gym chain, you can use their indoor and outdoor gyms to break out of the boring routine. Can you achieve that at home?

Since your home probably doesn’t have as much space as your gym does, you need to find alternative solutions to your dull routines. For example, you can take some of your equipment outside and exercise in the sun. Instead of risking an injury on the hard concrete, get high-quality artificial grass that is perfect for home gyms. You can implement it anywhere you like and keep the fresh look with zero maintenance!


6. The power of recovery

There are no better routines than those that involve cardio and/ or strength. Whether you like cardio or muscle and strength building more, you need to give your body proper rest and recovery. Therefore, you should include equipment for recovery in your home gym. What is that?

The best recovery and rest for your muscles isn’t lying down. On the contrary, it’s moving and stretching. Even though you can stretch on the floor, there is no better feeling than relaxing on a yoga mat. Anti-slip comfortable yoga mats are ideal for meditation and light stretching exercises after strenuous training.

Besides the yoga mat, you can also get foam rollers. They are amazing for relaxing and relieving the tension from your muscles. They can help you minimize sore muscles’ effects and prevent injuries from hard workout routines. 


Whether you want to work out in your yard, patio, or terrace on indoors, you can get soft artificial grass as a perfect and natural mat. It has the same texture as real grass. The natural feeling will follow you and decorate your space no matter where you are.



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