The Dazzling Dani Doucette

Rising Canadian popstar Dani Doucette has a brand new album and some wise words to share.

Dani was raised in a very musical family, and she began singing and songwriting at just six years old.   Before shifting her focus to music, Dani was a successful model, working with prominent brands and highlighting important causes.  She even walked the world’s longest runway for the Kols Foundation as a celebrity participant, raising thousands in donations.

It takes a special and brave person to relaunch a music career in a pandemic, but that’s exactly what Dani did.  In 2020, she signed with MDC Music and made the most of the live music pandemic pivot: the drive in concert.  Dani performed at drive-in shows, live streaming performances, and a host of digital/live hybrid showcases, and even found a strong digital fanbase in the ultra-popular virtual-world gaming platform, called Avakin. She truly made the most of every opportunity that came her way, and not only survived, but thrived, taking the stage for live audiences when COVID-19 protocols lifted to let that happen.

Not to be stopped by the return of the COVID clampdown on live music, Dani released her debut EP Run With Me on January 14 via MDC Music and all streaming platforms. The EP was produced by Milano (Tory Lanez, IconaPop), Jack Emblem (Johnny Orlando, Daniel Caesar), Thomas McKay (Michaela May, Brooke Palsson), Anthony Wright (John Legend, Eva Avila), Daniel Santos, Andre Doucette, and Dani. The 6-track EP is a collection of songs that reflect the way the mind wanders, in a sonic tribute to thinking out loud and finding your way through the fog. It’s about being transparent, being willing to show the world your journey.  

Each song on the album is inspired by Dani’s real and vulnerable thoughts including “Post It,” about realizing how easy it is to fall into the trap of fake love. Dani wrote this piece in a moment of inner reflection as she scrolled social media and saw what was  being praised and trending.

We got the chance to chat with Dani and get some insight into what it’s like to be an artist in these continually unprecedented times.

Tell us about your journey through the music industry, from your childhood to now. What has it been like growing up in this business?

Music has always been a big part of my life. Growing up my father was always in bands and my brother Andre Doucette and I started writing together young. Honestly, growing up with music has made life so much more fun. The business portion of it hadn’t really hit me until the last few years and I like the challenge of it.


You describe this new EP as autobiographical. What has it been like, at this point in your career, to really take charge and tell your own story in your own voice?

Releasing this collection of songs was so necessary for me. It is so important to me that people can listen to this EP and get a sense of who I am, who I was, and who I’m becoming. That’s a more difficult story to tell when you are releasing singles. This EP really gives the listener that full picture.


Over the course of your career, are there any experiences or life lessons that really stand out?

I think the moment I stopped asking for help and started really taking control of my career things started to change. I proved to myself I was able to self-manage and market myself, so when I had the opportunity to work with MDC I think it was much more appealing to add me to their roster given I was so self-motivated. As much as having a team is such an amazing asset, the artist really had to do all the work these days. You have to be hungry and you have to be prepared.


I had the pleasure of seeing you perform at the El Mocambo here in Toronto while things were briefly open. What was it like taking the stage, at such an iconic venue, in light of the past couple of pandemic years?

No way!! Aw, that’s so killer! HI AGAIN!☺ Really that was such a dream come true. What an iconic stage. For me the live element is everything. I NEED to perform. It allows me to feel connected to people and also get the messages of my music to land and sink in. These last few years have been crippling but also enlightening. That little “ray of hope brief reopening” was a tease but much needed.


What hopes do you have for the future, both for yourself and for Canadian music?

A tour this year is all I want. And I have some pretty big ideas. I am planning on a “Walking Tour” from Ottawa to London, Ontario late summer 2022. Raising funding and awareness for Mental Health, and the healing nature music can bring to anyone struggling.


Dani Doucette will be back on stage at North Bay ‘We Are Pride’ Concert on September 18th, following Bif Naked, and headliner and Canadian singer-songwriter icon, Serena Ryder. The evening will be hosted by northern Ontario comedian, Alice Rose.  Keep up with Dani through her website and socials below.

Facebook: /iamdanixo

Instagram: @dani._doucette

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