Comfy clothing that will help make winter bearable

When it comes to layering up for winter, it should probably go without saying that the layers should not only be warm, they should also be comfortable.

This includes excellent undies, well-made jeans with some stretch, and some comfortable slacks, all of which are necessities for winter and all of which are available at Mott & Bow.

This past fall, I was introduced to Mott & Bow, makers of all the best basics. From great t-shirts, and henley’s, to well-made and well-fitted jeans, pants, and now also underwear, they have a great collection of staples to fill your wardrobe.

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Good fitting, comfortable jeans are great all year round, but well-fitted, comfy jeans with a bit of stretch work perfectly as a top layer while wearing longjohns and underwear under for added warmth.

By layering up with clothing that offers stretch, you’ll be able to keep warm without feeling like you’re all constrained or restricted. For those of us out daily walking our dogs, it does make it so much easier to navigate the winter weather in great boots and comfy pants.



If you’re not a fan of the more classic jeans, great slacks can be a great choice in winter, or if you’re like me, you can alternate between both.

Just like a great pair of blue jeans, having a few great pairs of pants in your closet is better than having 20 pairs of poorly made pants or fast fashion clothing that falls apart.

I’ve walked, hicked, scooted and biked in these pants, and most recently, exclusively have been wearing them as a top layer as I walk my dog in our current deep freeze, and they work perfectly while looking rather stylish.




I’ve been a big fan of boxer briefs for a long time, and when the winter comes, I’m even more glad I made that choice.

For me, it’s all about comfort, but a little extra material in winter makes all the difference, just like great undies do, and these are some comfortable undies.

The Mott & Bow men’s undies are well made and super soft while still offering the support and warmth needed to make it comfortably through a Canadian winter and right through into the spring.



Making sure you have the right outfit for a party may not be necessary. Making sure you have the proper clothing to keep you comfy, warm and feeling great no matter the weather, now that’s a must, and having great essentials is an integral part of that.

So the next time you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, check out the excellent basics from Mott & Bow.

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*Clothing provided for review. This feature contains affiliate links.


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