The 9 Best Ways to Blow off Steam

There are plenty of reasons you may want to blow off steam. Work may be a hassle at the moment, there’s a lot on your plate right now, or you feel like you haven’t had any time to yourself in weeks.

As humans, we need to have that time to destress and bring our minds and mentality back to equilibrium. You don’t want to keep being wound up like a tight ball only to explode one day.

You may have little things to take your mind off the difficult parts of life during the day, but sometimes you just need a great activity to make it all OK. If you’re not sure what to do or where to get started, check out this list for some ideas.


Hit the Gym

One great way to take all of that pent-up stress and energy is to head to the gym. Lift some weights, go running or join a boxing class. You might be surprised how much stronger, or further you can run with this energy coming out. 

Exercise is a great destresser and a way for you to start feeling like yourself again. Break a sweat and break through the stress. It won’t take long before you see the benefits of exercise.


Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Sometimes, all you need is to pamper yourself and relax your mind and body. Take a day or an afternoon off and visit a spa for a massage, facial, or other treatment that will help release tension and promote relaxation.

You can also create your spa day at home by taking a warm bath, lighting candles, using essential oils, and doing some light stretching or yoga. If you are in Florida at the moment, you may also check out St Pete Wellness Med Spa options and enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment. It’s all about giving yourself some self-care and showing yourself some love.


Meet Up With a Friend

We all have one of those friends we feel like we can talk to whatever about, and now is the time to speak to that friend. Call them up and tell them you want to meet for dinner or a drink and blow off some steam.

It can be something simple like a night in or heading out to your favourite nightspot. 


Play Video Games

If you’re not a cinephile, you can always stay inside and play some video games by yourself or with a friend. Similar to the movies, you don’t really have to think a lot but just play.

If you’re already stressed out, maybe set the game too easy mode so you can get some wins in before diving into a challenge. It feels good to have a victory early on. 


Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do but Haven’t Gotten Around to it Yet

That’s a mouthful, but you know what we’re referring to, right? It’s that putt-putt golf place next to your parent’s home that looks fun. It’s the trampoline park out by the airport. It’s the ice-skating rink that just opened last month.

Do something different and fun. It will help take your mind off whatever is bugging you while you get to try something new.


Date Night

Tell your partner that you’ve been having a stressful day, week or month and tell them you want to do something with just them. Go to a spa for a day or simply go out to a restaurant.

Open that bottle of wine you two have been saving, or simply take a walk with them. Being around those we love can put everything in perspective, and it’s always great to have someone in your corner.



If you’re more the solitary type, it might be good just to take a drive or go on a walk by yourself. If you have a pet, it would be an excellent time to get outside with them and just be quiet.

For some of us, solitude is our sanctuary that helps us concentrate and destress.


Break Something

No, you shouldn’t go breaking lamps in your house or smashing plates against the walls. But, there are more “rage rooms” popping up all around the country.

You get an item like a bat or crowbar, and you get to, well, break stuff. It’s a great physical stress reliever and a lot of fun. 


Meditation and Yoga

It may seem hokey to some but meditation and yoga can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Not only will you become more limber over time, but the breathing techniques will help you calm down and relax.


If you’re a beginner, see if there is a studio in your area. If you’re daring, you could always give hot yoga a try!



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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