New Music Friday – Almost Time To Stop Saying Happy New Year Edition

Happy Friday! Or, just Friday, if that’s your speed today. I get it.
Here we are, halfway done the first month of 2021. A year full of SO much promise, despite the dark fates trying to derail the Hope Train. Sure, there are plenty of flames you can stare into with a hypnotic gaze in the medical waste fire of negativity, but remember, you can always turn away. Let’s make more time to joyscroll!
If these ruinous devices fused to our hands and brains can’t be ignored, let us be laughing and thinking positively about what we see and not allow ourselves to be pushed deeper into the looming depression that dwells just below the meniscus of our psyches. For instance, I just joyscrolled Twitter to read that Willie Nelson just got his first dose of the vaccine. The man is a global treasure whose passing would be another nail of gloom hammered into our resolve and backbone. Let hope be injected into all our arms in 2021! Trying to keep this graph hockey stick-shaped, here are some feel-good tunes to take you into a weekend that I hope treats you right all over.

First up, Toronto’s own Chèlle who released a new single yesterday. Hallucinating You is a throwback 80s jam that highlights Chèlle’s pop diva vocals, which are reminiscent of all the current greats in the genre. Through a solid beat and melody punctuated by a hard beat, throbbing bass and synth stabs, the song soars. It ends with an arena shutdown, so really, how can you go wrong? Have a listen and check out more about Chèlle in the links below.


Not entirely un-80s but with its own modern sound is Every Smiling Thing by Prismatics. The band released their new pandemic-recorded EP, Endlessly today. Musically, there are cues taken from Siouxsie and the Banshees with some best-era U2 Edge guitar lines plus a steady rhythm. Brooke Austen’s breathy, dreamy vocals rise above but don’t overshadow the songs. More about the band below.
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Julien Baker has been a fave of the Dept. for a while. We always have time for her and this week, she put out the coolest video of this young hopeful year for a song that could be on the best-of-2021 list. Hardline. Her new album, Little Oblivions will be released on February 26 but Baker previewed some songs, including Hardline on this KEXP at Home performance that is damn near perfect. Like many music lovers, this release will be a highlight of new music for the year. Watch this cool as fuck video below, check out more about Julien in the links below and join us in the countdown to her new album.

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The last entry for your New Music Friday is Austin band Sun June and their latest single, Everything I Had. The song could be an anthem for what we’ve missed and lost over the last almost year. We’ve all shared the thought “Everything I had, I want back”. Instead of colouring that statement with a dark gloomy brush, the track is warm, lush and positive. It’s also the lead single of the band’s new album, Somewhere, being released on Feb. 5. While you wait for the release, dig into more about Sun June below

Chèlle photo by Ryan Brough
Prismatics photo by the band
Julien Baker photo by Alysse Gafkjen
Sun June photo by Santiago Dietche

Aron Harris
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