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The Best Tips to Use Marble For Your Kitchen

Few materials can compete with marble’s ageless appeal when it comes to designing a kitchen that emanates enduring beauty and elegance. For decades, marble has been a preferred material for kitchen counters and surfaces due to its extensive history and…

10 Most Affordable Places to Live in Canada

Do you know which province is truly leading in affordability in Canada? Or how does your province rank in cost of living compared to the rest? Well, we all know that prices have skyrocketed right across Canada over the last…

One in four Canadians want to slow down with a rural move

Are you thinking about moving to the country and starting your rural life? One in four Canadians who live in urban areas are considering moving to more remote communities with the desire for a slower pace of life cited as…

Environmentally friendly Home Essentials from ATTITUDE

Over the last few years, I have been trying to move away from hash chemicals, single-use products, and, overall, trying to be more environmentally friendly cleaners, soaps and detergents, not packaged in single-use bottles, and it’s been going quite well….