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Aron Harris is Addicted's music editor as well as a designer/photographer/writer. Aron can be found on Instagram at for photography. As well, @dadrockdad for his dad blog.

New Music Friday – We Can Almost Stop Saying ‘Happy New Year’ Edition

Happy 2020! May that be my last time saying that. We’re kicking out the cobwebs and trying to shake a cookie addiction here in the Music Dept., but there’s no time like the present to get some new music out…


MIke Gordon’s Winter Tour

Mike Gordon keeps himself very busy when not playing huge venues with his iconic jam band, Phish. A consummate musician, Mike records and tours with his eponymous band in the Phish off-season giving fans the opportunity to hear and see…

Neil Peart, 1952-2020. Farewell to the King.

On August 1, 2015, Rush played their final concert together as a band, completing a career that began in 1971. Even purists will admit that the band’s debut was recognized in mid-1974 when Hamilton-area drummer Neil Peart joined the trio….

The ADDICTED Music Dept. Editor’s Wrapup 2019

In 2019, the ADDICTED Music Dept. reviewed 91 shows and festivals, launched a podcast and the irregularly-scheduled New Music Friday series, added contributors from Ottawa and Montreal, all to bring what we feel is great music and events to the…

The 40 Year Cold Road Ride of Rheostatics

When lead singer, Dave Bidini made mention that Rheostatics were 40 years old at the Dec. 6 show at the Danforth Music Hall, it seemed like an impossible age for the band to reach, hell, for any band to reach….

The Audiovisual Spectacle of Madeon’s Good Faith Tour

11-year-old Hugo Pierre Leclercq first began composing electronic music under the name Deamon. Five years later, Hugo jumbled his working name and started a remixing career under his current name, Madeon. He went viral with his YouTube release, Pop Culture,…

New Music Friday – Pre-Pre-Pre Holiday Edition

December is here, ADDICTED Music Dept. denizens. We’re on cruise control till the holidays start and the year ends. Thankfully, here’s some music to guide your sleigh. First up, a late post on Canada’s art-rock darlings, Rheostatics’ amazing new album…

Bruce Dickinson: Heavy Metal Singer, Pilot, Storyteller Extraordinaire

Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson is well known for his powerful voice and operatic tenor. Lesser known is his decades-long career as an airline pilot (and aviation company owner), brewer, author, champion fencer, TV and radio personality, and now, public…