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We all have our every day carry items. My quick run out to the store requires an even quicker check for the modern essentials – phone, wallet, keys, earbuds, and sunglasses, at the least. But when it’s time to commute for a day out or a jaunt further than down the block, a little more prep is often needed. For my purse-free self, my day out often includes the addition of a laptop, camera, recharging power source, pens and notepad, a pocket knife, water bottle, lip balm, and an item or two in case the weather changes. Tossing this load-out into a small backpack rarely offers the internal organization I appreciate and certainly, if I’m looking to up my fit, a nylon pack won’t elevate it.

A company you’ve likely been hearing about lately offering beautiful and luxurious leather goods is GRAMS28. They are a direct-to-consumer luxury goods manufacturer that rates quality and function at equally sky-high levels. Founder Benjamin Chan saw a gap in the luxury goods market – the disconnect between practicality and appearance – and wanted to fix it. GRAMS28 launched in 2019 with its flagship Tech Folio, a sleek, luxurious, and practical way to carry and protect your laptop. Last year, GRAMS28 introduced a series of travel-oriented bags and accessories, allowing customers to adventure in style and convenience. All of GRAMS28 are made from full-grain Italian leather supplied by the Gruppo Mastrotto tannery in Italy, whose environmentally-conscious leather tanning procedures have consistently been gold-rated by the Leather Working Group (LWG). Gruppo Mastrotto is carbon neutral and their leather is certified biobased by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Of the many items that GRAMS28 creates, two stood out as perfect for my work and lifestyle. As a graphic designer and photographer, on the days I’m working outside of the house I need either my laptop, my camera gear, or both. These needs pointed directly to GRAMS28’s 171 Laptop Sling and the 172 Camera Sling. GRAMS28 sent me these two bags so I could test and use them in the real world and report my honest opinions of both.

Let’s start with the more common of the two, the 171 Laptop Sling. Measuring 36cm W x 25cm H x 9.5 cm D ( 14.1” W x 9.8” H x 3.7″ D ) and weighing 850 grams, this bag holds more than just your 14″ laptop. The front of the bag features a zipped compartment that can store whatever is needed at the ready – keys, sunglasses, pens, and a notebook. The Sling takes travellers’ needs in mind with a strap on the back of the bag that slips over the extended handle of a rolling suitcase. The exterior back of the Sling has another zippered space where you can keep more valuable items close to the body. Inside, The Sling has not only a padded enclosure for your 14″ laptop that secures with a velcro strap, but the outside of the laptop holder has another section that utilizes mesh pockets for small accessory organization that closes with a zipper. The space between the front and back interiors of the Sling offers ample space for a variety of items. Easily, you could throw in a small lunch bag and water bottle or a small camera with an additional lens. The key to using a sling bag, in my experience, is to not overstuff it. Once the weight of a sling bag gets a bit heavy, the single strap can dig into the shoulder a bit. However, you can probably get away with a few extra pounds in the 171 Laptop Sling due to its wide strap. Finally, the inside front of the Sling provides yet another zippered compartment but this one is shallow, for more pens maybe? You can use your imagination with this one. The interior bottom of the bag has a small pocket built to house an AirTag so you can keep track of it. As well, the inside front offers more pockets for storage, classily topped with a strip of leather. The interior corners of the Sling have a pair of small mesh pockets perfect for cables.

The 171 Laptop Sling is priced at CAD 553 or approximately USD 399. The GRAMS28 website uses location data to set local currencies, so I can only confirm Canadian dollar pricing. The Sling 171 has a lifetime warranty and ships to most of the world for free. However, a visit to their website will give you all the additional info you need.

The GRAMS28 171 Sling

The GRAMS28 171 Sling

The GRAMS28 171 Sling


The GRAMS18 172 Camera Sling is a perfect bag for times when you don’t need a ton of photo gear, but when you just need enough. It measures 32cm W x 22cm H x 12cm D ( 12.5” W x 8.6” H x 4.7″ D ) and its empty weight is 890g. The thing I love about this camera bag is that it doesn’t LOOK like a camera bag. When a photographer is walking around with expensive camera gear, known camera bag branding can stand out loud and clear. The 172 Camera Sling looks like any leather bag, while clearly not functioning as any leather bag. This being said, GRAMS28 products are obviously made from high-quality leather, straps, and buckles so while not screaming ‘camera bag!’, a luxury bag like this is going to draw attention, hopefully just the admiring kind.

The flap on the front of the bag seals shut by a stylish side-release buckle. The flap itself, like all GRAMS28 bags, has a unique product code that transparently breaks down the bag’s production origins. The 172 Camera Sling’s code is 172 0902 039 which is explained as (1) carry goods (72) the product code (09) tanned at Mastrotto (02) the material is full grain pebbled leather and (039) the bag was tanned in Italy. The rear of the bag features a thin zippered pocket suitable for documents. With the front flap open, a large expanding zipper pocket is revealed as are webbed slots perfect for holding memory cards. The back side of the interior has a pocket with deeper padding, presumably to hold a tablet. The padding also forms a wall of the camera area. Two folding dividers are supplied to section off cameras and lenses or other accessories. Keeping the bag on your body is a 38mm wide nylon strap that extends from 105cm to 165cm in length.

The 172 Camera Sling retails for 636 CAD or approximately 470 USD. But savvy shoppers can sign up for the GRAMS28 newsletter to get 15% off their first order.


There’s no shortage of camera and laptop bags on the market. However, quality can often be questionable at lower price points and you generally get what you pay for. When I think about the contents of my camera and laptop bags, I consider how any point of failure on them can cause some kind of damage to some of the most expensive items I own and use for work. As a photographer, I have more camera bags than I can use at any one time. But I will admit that none of my camera bags look as stylish or are as well-constructed as the 172 Camera Sling by GRAMS28. From the thoughtful design and construction to the undeniable high quality of the leather, enclosures and straps, I know that these bags will last through years of use.

Aron Harris
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