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New Music Friday – Why Does It Feel Like Summer Is Over? Edition

Maybe I’m just being a downer, but I see a dimming light not far ahead that looks like leaves changing colour. Is it just me or did summer fly by? Up here in Toronto, the weather didn’t get warm until…


Meet your new favorite band: Thunderpussy

There is no irony to the title of this review.  Thunderpussy is my new favorite band, and they should be yours too. I’ll admit, like a linguistic magpie I was drawn to the band’s eye popping moniker.  I mean, Thunderpussy…

New Music Friday – Themeless Edition

We don’t need a theme! The world is a flaming sewage pit of avarice and hatred that is impossible to extinguish! Fuck it! Let’s listen to great music! Sorry, that’s a terrible way to introduce new music to new listeners….

New Music Friday – August Long Weekend Edition

LONG WEEKEND! YES! Here’s some music for your ears as you leave your bodily impression on a chaise longue for 3 days. Below are some artists I’ve really enjoyed listening to this week. I hope they come to Toronto so…