Geneva’s Smoke & Mirrors (Circle Research RMX) For Your Autumn Playlist

Last month, Toronto-based electronic R&B singer Geneva released the sexy chill, 90s-inspired Smoke & Mirrors – Circle Research Remix. While the setting compliments a hot August day by the pool, it also has a vibe that matches a sweater-weather, leaf-changing, pour-yourself-a-glass-of-wine and relaxed kind of Autumn afternoon. 

Lyrically relatable, haven’t we all experienced that magic trickery in certain situations that obscure the truth? In this case, Geneva bluntly calls out the disingenuous encounters with people that act like your friend but really are not. The song packs a lyrical punch but balanced out by soothing, laid back and lazy G-funk elements that can accompany any playlist catering to a chill mood.  


Geneva’s Smoke & Mirrors (Circle Research RMX)


Geneva has referred to her sound as “futuristic throwback music”. Her smooth, rich tone, and emotive expression resembles the classic, nostalgic vocal texture of Sade while bringing in modern elements with her delivery sitting just a little behind the beat, songwriting that encompasses a strong message, and the addition of unique synth instrumentation. 

The dreaminess of Geneva’s music is heavily inspired by 70s soul, Chicago house, gangsta rap, and techno which created her hybridized fusion combining chill downtempo electronic, house, pop and alt-R&B. Her growing catalogue of past releases features collaborations with B. Bravo, Boddhi Satva, Felix Snow, Adam Tune of Keys N Krates, and Lucian. 

Geneva is known for doing the unexpected and it comes through in her soulful “palette of warm sonic textures, ethereal vibes, and scintillating sensations, with a solid infusion of urban grit for good measure”. 

Depending on your music generation of choice, this deep funk groove can be compared to The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets or the later sampled, Gwen Stefani – Luxurious. Listen to this fun track now and be sure to keep up with Geneva on social media!

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Sarah Keith

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