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The Return of Fall Brings with it Sweater Season

I love fall. It marks the return of changing leaves, the cool crisp air that’s not yet frigid, and the return of sweater season. Now when I say sweaters, that’s what I mean, but this also includes my love for…

Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs

There are many options available when selecting a wardrobe, from pine and solid oak to incredibly charming vintage designs. However, when selecting the essential items that should be inside every gentleman’s wardrobe, things tend to get a bit more tricky….

The Right Footwear for Fall

As the warm weather fades, the night becomes cooler, and summer fades into memory, it is time to gear up for fall and whether that will continue to get colder and more intense as the months go by as we…

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How to Style a Polo Shirt Like a Pro

When those timeless pieces of clothing are concerned, the first thing you probably think about is the little black dress for all the ladies, and you would be right. But what’s out there for guys? Which items are universal, global…