The Perfect Coat for Every Season

Every year when the colder weather starts rolling in, I crack out my winter coats and put my summer coats away. Still, over the last few years, since the weather has been all over the place, I find that I end up leaving out my fall, winter and spring coats to use from September till usually about April, so it’s a good idea to have the suitable coats for the right occasion.

Now, I’m not telling you to run out and buy ten coats, but having three very different coats is the best way to deal with the fluctuating temperatures, as well as being ready for anything that comes along from a snowstorm to a nice dinner out.

I find having a water-resistant or waterproof mid-weight fall coat is key. This coat will cover you for all the days above zero (celsius) but will also cover you for all those rainy days and nights. Second is a heavy long structured dress coat that’s warm. This coat will be for all the fancier occasions you may have or the holidays, and of course, a heavy, thick, multi-layers coat that can keep you warm when it drops to minus twenty-five.


The Mid-Weight Water Resistant Fall Coat

A medium-weight waterproof or water-resistant coat is a must when it’s above zero or a warmer rainy day. Through our ever-fluctuating weather, it will come in handy pretty much weekly.

Short design. Padding is made of Sofeelate, an insulating and highly thermo-regulating material composed of extra-fine fibres that help retain heat and make the garment lightweight and comfortable. Water-repellent technical fabric. Hood. Long sleeve. Zip fastening. Inner lining. Inner pocket.

From Mango for 149.99 CAD.


The Warm Wool Coat

Owning a long, warm dress coat is always a great idea to have in your wardrobe. A warm wool coat looks great on pretty much everyone is a bit more dressy than a parka or puffer coat, but it will still keep you warm. It’s great for holiday parties, visiting family or dinners out.

Oversize design. Long design. Check-pattern. Recycled wool mix fabric. Lapel with a notch. Long sleeve. Two side pockets. Back slit. Button up. Inner lining. Inner pocket.

From Mango for 349.99.


The Heavy Winter Coat

While I’m all about layering throughout the winter, having a thick, warm winter coat with lots of pockets is a must, and for me, it also has to have a hood.

On really cold days, you wear an underlayer and top layer along with a toque, scarf, and of course, a great winter coat with a hood you can slap on if it’s also windy or frigid. If you can find a winter coat that’s also water-resistant or repellant, that is also a huge plus.

Water-repellent technical fabric. Quick Dry. Recycled polyester padding. Hood. Long sleeve. Four flap pockets on the front. Zip and press stud fastening. Inner lining. Inner pocket.

From Mango for 279.99.

So no matter what weather you have to endure this year, make sure you have the proper attire to keep you warm, dry and feeling your best, and if that means having one coat that covers your needs or finding three that covers you for any occasions, do what works best for you. For me, that means the perfect coat for every season.


Coats provided by Mango for this review.



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