TESTED: Is the Vessi Weekend Chelsea Really Waterproof?

Over the last few months, I have been searching for comfortable, lightweight waterproof boots for spring, and after testing out the Sunday Slippers from Vessi, I had my eye on their Weekend Chelsea’s, so I thought that I would put them to the test as well.

When they arrived, I instantly loved the look, and as I picked them up out of the package, I noticed how light they were.

As I put them on for the first time, I noticed how comfortable they were, as well as easy to put on, thanks to the front and back loops. They seemed breathable, almost too much to believe there were fully waterproof, so next up, since it wasn’t raining that day, I took them and ran them under the tap, let the access water bead and drip off, and put them back on to find, the inside was completely dry.

So, it was time to slip them back on and head out for a walk to test the comfort after a long walk, so I grabbed my dog Manny, and we went for a nice long walk. The Weekend Chelsea felt great, were in fact, super breathable while keeping my feet warm (which I wasn’t expecting as it was minus seven at the time of the walk), and instead of feeling like a typical rigid winter or spring boot, it felt more like a thick sock, making them probably the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn or tested.

Did I mention they also look fantastic and rather futuristic?




Next up was the real test, though. Could I jump in puddles, tromp through the mud and wet grass, or even dip them in Lake Ontario as I chased after Manny? Well, that was precisely what I did. Whether it was damp grass, the rain, or almost wholly emerging them in nearly freezing water, my socks and feet stayed completely dry, I was blown away.

On top of that, they have decent traction, work on warm rainy days as your feet don’t overheat as they may in a more classic winter boot, but also give you the warmth you may need on the colder days, making them the perfect boot for late winter right through the spring, and into summer.

On top of being waterproof while breathable and comfy, I also love the black with a pop of colour on the bottom, so it’s not a plain black-on-black boot.

After 45 days of testing and putting these boots through the wringer, they also still look almost like new.

Durable, well made, breathable, comfortable, stylish and waterproof? Yes, the Weekend Chelsea offers it all, and it may just be the best boots I’ve tested in more than ten years of product reviews and over 45 footwear reviews. I, without question, put my stamp of approval on the Weekend Chelsas from Vessi.

Available in Asphalt Black On Black, Concrete Grey, Shiitake Brown, and Asphalt Black with white soles, they come in sizes six to thirteen and retail for 175 Canadian with free shipping and free exchanges.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Weekend Chelsea’s today.


Weekend Chelseas provided by Vessi for the purpose of this review.



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