Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans For You

There’s something strangely comforting about a great pair of jeans, and unlike most clothing jeans, great jeans seem to get better with time, but the only issue for most people, is finding the perfect pair, so that’s what we’ll discuss today.

There are a few things to know when it comes to finding the perfect pair of jeans. As someone who’s been testing clothing for over a decade and has probably tested 200 pairs of jeans, I can tell you that finding the perfect pair of jeans for you is all about three things; look, fit and feel.

Great jeans, for me, are classic, well-fitting and feel super comfy and worn in just the right way, so what should you look for when trying to track down the best jeans for you, your style and your body? Well, here’s what always helps me.


The Look

Here’s the thing: if the jeans don’t look good before you put them on, you better believe they won’t look better on, so, as a rule, I avoid anything too flashy, anything with dyed patterns, intentional rips or tares, I’ve found when it comes to jeans, simple is always the way to go.

Now that doesn’t mean choosing drab clothing, but jeans typically last for years, and as such, finding more simple jeans with a classic style will last you so much longer than some trendy pair that’s of the moment. That being said, don’t be limited to black or blue. I like to have jeans and slacks in all different colours and fits, so remember to have some fun.

Find the look or looks you love, and then move on to finding those looks in the fit that suit your body and personal style best.


The Fit

First and foremost, don’t let fit names fool you. For instance, many men will stray away from a skinny fit, as they aren’t “skinny,” and assume the pants aren’t for them, but skinny is just a fit that’s available in an array of sizes and can be worn by people of many different body types.

So what is the difference between the different fits?

Skinny-fit jeans are supposed to hug your body around the hips and legs. In contrast, slim jeans are supposed to fit close to your hips and legs but are typically a little loser overall and more straight-legged than skinny jeans, which are usually tapered. In other words, skinny should be narrower than slim. The loosest and more relaxed fits are straight leg and athletic fit, which give them more room throughout but offer a little less shape, which, based on your body and look, can be a pro or con.



I find tighter jeans in a slim look great for my body, along with a little looser skinny and a tighter straight leg, shown above. So instead of just assuming what works for you from any given brand, try several different fits to see which ones work best for you and your preferences.


The Feel

For something that used to be much less important to me, in my forties, the feel and the comfort of the jeans I wear are paramount, and some of my favourites are from Mott & Bow.

They make some of the best jeans I’ve ever worn. What makes them so awesome besides the great selection, colours, quality and fits is that with time and each wash, they somehow become more and more comfortable; it’s like they keep getting better the more you wear them, and since they are available in fits for just about every shape and size, many with a little extra stretch, that makes them one of the best places to find the perfect jeans that everyone can look great in.

After testing almost their entire collection, in straight, skinny and slim, I can say without a doubt that the feel of their jeans are second to none in that price range, and not just that, they are well made and will stand up the way a great pair of jeans should.


So, the next time you want to find the perfect jeans for yourself, ask, do they tick all three boxes? If they don’t have a great look, feel, and fit, then they probably aren’t worth spending your hard-earned money on, but if you’re looking for really awesome jeans, you should definitely check out the selection from Mott & Bow because they tick all the boxes and more.


Clothing provided for review. This feature contains affiliate links throughout.



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