AURORA Lights Up History in Toronto

AURORA brought her ethereal pop performance to History in Toronto as part of the Gods We Can Touch Tour on May 29, 2022. Released in January 2022, the LP is an otherworldly, expressive album that draws you in to mystical stories and soundscapes. With AURORA’s grand sound and floating vocals, it’s easy to feel you’re being pulled into a fantasy world whenever you listen to her music. But while watching her live, I quickly realized that AURORA’s music is about her musings of our very real world, and embracing the ups and downs of it all.

Themes throughout the night included pure love, the joy of experiencing life, and seeing the beauty in ourselves and others. And on the flip side, AURORA also commented on the immense hatred that can exist in this world, the climate crisis, and the anger that comes with it. Despite this acknowledgement, AURORA’s set proved love wins over hatred, with a performance that was visceral and uplifting all at once.

AURORA has a unique way of being both larger-than-life and extremely humble. Every time she paused to speak in between songs, the crowd was entranced. Even though the venue was sold out, it felt like she was speaking directly to you when she told her stories. While she was soft-spoken and charming between songs, AURORA showed the crowd she can deliver a performance that packs a punch.

We were lucky enough to experience the force that is AURORA in person and capture this incredible evening. Check out our gallery of images below.

AURORA Setlist

Everything Matters
Blood in the Wine
Exhale Inhale
A Dangerous Thing
Infections of a Different Kind
The River
Cure for Me
A Temporary High
The Seed
Running With the Wolves
Giving In to the Love
Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

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Cassandra Popescu