The Signs & Symptoms Of A Bad Mattress

Sleep is such an important function of our body, our health and well being really suffers if we don’t get enough. Many of us rarely pay attention to just how much we’re getting through, and if we’re not getting enough just what the main causes of that could be. Many of us, for instance, never think about replacing our mattress. Yet, it could be causing you huge problems both in terms of your sleep and your overall health. Read on to find out what the signs and symptoms of a bad mattress are and see if you need to replace yours.


Body pain


A mattress that is too old might bow and sag in the middle, just where we need it to support us the most. This can mean that our back is put under pressure during the night. Not only is it not getting the chance to recover from the exertions of the day but it’s also working extra hard into the night. This could lead to you being in a lot of pain. Consider changing your mattress every three years at least to prevent this. If you are already in pain, you could take a look at these remedies.




You can examine your mattress for signs of sagging, doing so could give you an idea if problems are likely to occur in the future. Placing a tape measure over your mattress should show you if there are any signs of deformation. Remember, it’s important to replace your mattress before your sleep quality is compromised. Take a look at our post on the importance of getting a good night’s sleep to see why it can be dangerous to compromise on sleep.




Remember that allergens such as dust mites or even their faecal matter build up in any mattress over time. If you are having allergy issues, consider replacing your mattress asap. Remember, that you should replace often to avoid allergies developing. Always try and find the best mattress that suits the position in which you like to sleep.


Joint Soreness


Mattresses that no longer support us adequately can lead to joint soreness because it can cause spine alignment to be out of balance. If your bed is dipping due to age, you will likely develop problems with your joints too. Trust us, it’s not pleasant and totally not worth risking. If you are already suffering, you can find advice online.


Lack of Sleep


If your bed isn’t comfortable due to age you will more than likely find yourself tossing and turning at night. This in itself is not fun but the effects that lack of sleep can have on your health are just awful. Not getting adequate sleep can lead to problems with obesity levels because we eat more due to hormonal imbalances, depression or with our overall health because sleep is known to boost immunity. The effects of sleep deprivation are really not pleasant at all so we always recommend looking at changing your mattress if sleep is becoming an issue for you.


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