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It’s not remotely an exaggeration when I say that I’m a terrible cook.  Don’t get me wrong, I love food, and I love to eat, but I generally prefer when my food comes to me in its final prepared form.  I’ve been known to ruin even the most rudimentary of recipes, and to mess up even the most mundane of meal kits.  So when SPATULA Foods came my way, claiming that ANYONE could produce a gourmet meal in minutes with their offering, I was understandably incredulous.  But this is one instance where it not only feels great to be wrong, but tastes great too.

Who they are

SPATULA Foods is a Toronto-based gourmet food subscription service founded by former Uber Eats Canada Head of Strategy, Ian Weng, and Michelin trained chef, Top Chef Canada finalist and Tik Tok sensation, Wallace Wong (who also goes by The Six Pack Chef). CEO and co-founder Weng, found himself inspired to start was inspired to start the company while studying for his MBA in France.  There, flash frozen gourmet meals are readily available, and enjoyed by even the most discerning diners. So when Weng returned to his home town of Toronto, he and Wong joined forces to develop a restaurant-worthy dinner solution or people just like me, who crave convenience and affordability, but don’t want to sacrifice taste and quality. And so, SPATULA  was born.

SPATULA has cornered the market on gourmet meals that are so easy to prepare, even I can do it.  These divine dishes are are developed by Toronto chefs, are flash frozen at the height of their flavour and freshness, and are actually ready in just 10 minutes. And SPATULA offers all of this for just $12 per meal.

“When you order from SPATULA, you have the opportunity to support a local chef,” said Wallace Wong, the head of SPATULA’s culinary operations and a Tik Tok sensation in his own right. “Their involvement also allows us to provide Torontonians with restaurant-quality food consumers can confidently and conveniently cook and be proud to serve to anyone.”  Wong, along with an impressive roster of Toronto chefs, are the creative minds behind the delicious meals SPATULA offers.  And, each time one of SPATULA’s chef-developed recipes are sold, its developer receives a percentage of sales, providing another revenue stream for chefs, a welcome contribution considering the challenges faced by the culinary industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How it works

Using leading edge food-technology, SPATULA’s culinary creations are flash frozen at the height of their flavour and freshness. Each SPATULA recipe option arrives in a flash frozen, vacuum sealed pouch with each dish containing two generous helpings, starting at $11.49 a plate. The pouches are incredibly convenient, with minimal plastic packaging.  And SPATULA dishes can be heated in a pan with the stir of a spatula in under 10 minutes.

Spatula has 15 recipes to choose from including Braised Beef Bourguignon with Pearl Onions and Pomme Purée, created by Parisian born Chef Romain Avril, who is a Chopped Canada finalist, and former guest judge on Canada’s Top Chef; Singapore Black Pepper Udon with Shrimp and Gai Lan, created by Masterchef Canada winner Chef Eric Chong; Wild Mushroom Truffled Risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano, created by Chef Wallace Wong; Butternut Squash Fusilli with Pancetta, Sage, and Pumpkin Seeds, created by Chef Eugene Wong; and Chef Ryan Hinkson gives southern comfort a makeover with his Honey Bourbon Chicken with Cajun Dirty Rice and Escovitch Pickle.

“It’s like the Tik Tok trend – ‘no one will ever know!’” said Wong.  “Our meals are made locally with high quality ingredients and you can’t detect they were previously frozen because of our freezing technology. In France flash frozen gourmet style meals are actually a multi billion dollar business. And if the French – being the food lovers they are – enjoy it then that’s a great standard.”

My experience

I knew that SPATULA had won me over when, after a long day of working and running errands, when all I wanted was something to eat, that instead of reaching for my phone and the nearest delivery app, I reached into my freezer instead.  After reading the directions on the “Wild Mushroom Truffled Risotto” dish, and marvelling at their simplicity and the promised speed of the recipe, I decided, for the first time in a long time, to cook my own dinner.  And, to my immense surprise, my endeavour was successful.  In 10 minutes flat, I was dining on delicious risotto, that I made in one pan, only adding a half a cup of water to the contents of the Spatula meal pouch.

SPATULA truly is the simple, fool proof meal solution I’ve been looking for.  With a variety of amazing recipes that are incredibly easy to prepare, it’s easy to keep a freezer full of Spatula meals for quick and easy meals no matter what I have on the go.  And trust me, if I can do it, so can literally anyone.  If you live in the Greater Toronto area, I highly recommend giving SPATULA a try.  Head over to their website and set up your subscription today, and enjoy gourmet meals at home every single day.

For a complete list of SPATULA’s amazing recipes and to learn more about this innovative service, visit

SPATULA currently services the GTA, with plans to roll out its service and model of working with local chefs, and creating locally produced recipes, across the country.

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly