Lil Tecca performed at HISTORY in Toronto on April 12th, 2022, for the 12th stop of the Tecca Loves You tour.

Fans were treated to a setlist that included a carefully curated mix of songs from the (1) We Love You Tecca mixtape, (2) Virgo World album, and (3) We Love You Tecca 2 album. This ensured that there was something for every Tecca fan at this show. It also gave Tecca a chance to perform songs that he had previously been unable to (due to pandemic-related tour cancellations). Tecca cleverly closed off the show with his biggest song and breakout hit, Ransom. This had the entire venue singing along right until the very end.

The biggest treat of the show, however, was seeing Tecca’s growth as an artist and individual, firsthand. Being only 19-years-old, Lil Tecca is the epitome of a Gen Z star navigating his way throughout the music industry, and constantly refining his craft. With three released projects and a large number of completed live shows under his belt, Tecca performed with a newfound level of confidence and finesse which made the delivery of his songs truly excellent.

The full setlist of the night was as follows:

  1. LOT OF ME
  2. Did It Again
  3. Diva
  4. Amigo
  5. Shots
  6. Love Me
  8. Show Me Up
  9. Bossanova
  10. Left, Right
  11. Somebody
  12. Out of Love
  15. Never Left
  16. Ransom

The Tecca Loves You tour continues throughout North America until May 21st. If you missed out on the Toronto stop of the tour, check out some moments from the show encapsulated in our photo gallery below!


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