How to stay sane when working from home

In the considerable shift seen worldwide due to the outbreak of COVID-19 / Corona Virus, a lot of the population are now online confined to home, but also now learning about what it like to also work from home.

Now as someone who has been working from home for seven years, I thought it might just be the perfect timing for a little lesson of ways to keep yourself on track, focused and at your most productive while staying at home, thus keeping you sane and out of trouble, or wandering into the street out of sheer boredom.

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Make a daily wake up routine

Each day I get up, make a coffee, while that heating up I go and make my bed, and while I enjoy that coffee, I make a list of things that I’d like to accomplish for the day. That spans from work projects to cleaning, land; you name it, I add it to the list.

So, not only do I know what to exact of my day, I have a list of things to keep me focused and productive as I make my way through the day.


Take Breaks

You’d think to be at home; most people would make breakfast, work, make lunch, work, make dinner, stop. From the data we’ve seen that just isn’t the case. Instead, there is a large percentage of people who just speed through the day and before you know it hasn’t had breakfast, lunch or dinner, and while you might think that’s the best way to work, after missing a couple of meals you won’t be much good to anybody, let alone yourself.

It’s necessary to not only break for meals but take two other 10 – 15 minutes breaks over the day if not more. Stretch, move around, read the paper, have a quick chat with a friend or family member. You’ll find once you come back to your workspace, you’ll feel a bit refreshed and ready to take on the next task.


Eat regularly

We partially just touched on this, but I’m a firm believer that to feel good, you need to eat well, and frequently. The reality is, you’re at home already, you should be able to repair 3 -5 meals for yourself (your family) per day.

Now when I say meals, that can also include snacks, protein shakes, whatever works best for you. Just make sure you are eating a balanced diet and getting a regular intake of nutrients to keep yourself feeling and thinking your best.


Exercise and stretch

While I’d typically run off to spin, pilates, boxing or the gym, those just aren’t options right now, and for many aren’t really in every day either. That being said, getting cardio, working out, or even just getting the blood flowing, not only adds to your energy levels, help to make you feel more alert and focused, exercise can also be an excellent outlet for stress, anxiety and offers a daily release from that grind.

Where is about 10,000 at-home workouts that have gone online this week, many I’ve tested out myself. Take some time and did one that worms for you, and your goals.

While you’re at it, find a few videos for stretching. Part of maintaining a good workout and fitness program also enlivens stretching all the muscles, so they don’t lock up, cause issue, etc. Not only that, but stretching is also essentially a form of mediation if done right. It can help you to recentre and find your focus at the beginning, middle or end of a long day.


Set goals in order of importance

I’ve found that it pays to go old school and use a notebook. Each day write down a list of what you have to do, with time, also try to put it in order of importance.

As you go through the day, it will not only help keep you on track; it helps to give a sense of accomplishment by crossing each off as you go along the way.

Make a list, check it twice, it will so you from being notty and keep you nice!


Choose an end time

When working from home, you may just want to keep going and going, especially since you might still be productive, but, it’s essential that you set a cut off time, take a break and ease into some downtime before you sleep and inevitably do it all over again tomorrow.


Working from home can be challenging, but, if you’re able to set some structure around your daily schedule, set goals and attain them, you’ll be winning regardless of being temporality confined at home.




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