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How to stay sane when working from home

In the considerable shift seen worldwide due to the COVID-19 / Corona Virus outbreak, a lot of the population learned to work from home and are still doing just that. Now, as someone who has been working from home for…

Keeping Yourself Occupied and Optimistic

For most of our adult lives, the majority of us will have grown used to a pretty set routine. We’ll head to work, tackling the morning commute. We’ll stay in our work environment nine to five, collaborating with our colleagues….

take a break

Feeling stressed? Maybe it’s time to take a break

Many, like me, have found themselves exclusively working at home the last two years, and while that comes with all sorts of perks, it also means that you have the ability, for better or worse, to work from the time…

How to Stay Organized in Your Home Office

If you struggle to stay organized, make 2021 the year you turn it around – especially when it comes to your home office. No matter your line of work, a cluttered mess of a home office doesn’t garner much in…