How To Rewrite Your Dating Narrative + Podcast with guest Nadia Elkharadly

It’s time to rewrite your dating narrative. Convinced you’re unlucky in love? Determined to find your forever person in an adorable meet-cute instead of Tinder? Worried you’ve become too used to your single status to make a good partner? These are narratives you tell yourself, but you dating life is a living document. And that story can be rewritten at any time…


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This week, Sarah and Kaley are joined by Addicted Magazine’s Managing Editor, Nadia Elkharadly. The squad discuss Nadia’s plans to change her approach to dating in a – if I say so myself – hilarious episode that holds more tea than Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. We get real about those misconceptions that can hold us back and how to challenge those pesky lies. You have to listen to the full episode to absorb all our advice, but here are a few pearls of wisdom to whet your appetite.

Embrace Digital Dating

There’s a pernicious myth that says it’s uncool to meet on Tinder. If you grew up passively consuming romantic comedies starring Julia Roberts during family movie night, you might believe it’s best to meet the love of your life in person, preferably in an adorably cinematic fashion. Well, meet-cutes are cute (the word cute is in the name, after all), but the first few moments of your relationship are just that, the first few. If you actually want a long-term partner, why wait to meet your perfect person? Let go of your fantasy of meeting a hottie while you’re both reaching for the last sourcream donut at your favourite indie cafe. You’re only delaying your own happiness!


Digital dating isn’t the only way to meet someone, but it’s a valid one. If you actually want a loving relationship, why deprive yourself of an efficient way to find your single peers? The way we see it, meet-cutes are a fantasy that keep you from living an awesome reality…


Bad Dates Aren’t Inevitable

Does the fear of underwhelming dates keep you from meeting people? Well, bad dates are not inevitable. There’s no rule that says you have to hang out with someone you find off-putting. F-ck niceness! If someone is rude or unkind, you should peace out of that date after twenty minutes without remorse. And what if your date is perfectly nice but you’re not feeling it? Curtailing the evening is kinder to both of you! Why waste a perfectly lovely person’s time if you’d rather be at home, rewatching Gossip Girl? Stop wasting time and you’ll hate dating a little less!


If Someone Is Intimidated By You, They’re Not For You

Women are often told we’re too intimidating to find love – especially in heterosexual relationships. All that means is our society still hates women who don’t hate themselves. However, as much as the patriarchy wants to keep you meek and self-loathing, there are good apples out there who won’t be intimidated by women with skills and opinions. There’s no need to be demure to get a man to like you. If a straight guy is intimidated by you, say no to his toxic masculinity and move on to the next! The right person for you will never be intimidated by you. Trust us!

Sarah Sahagian

Sarah Sahagian

Sarah Sahagian is a feminist writer based in Toronto. Her byline has appeared in such publications as Elle Canada, Flare, Bitch Media, The Toronto Star, and The National Post. She is also the co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast. Sarah holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies from The London School of Economics. You can find her on Twitter, where she posts about politics and live-tweets The Bachelor