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Bestselling Author Rebecca Bromwich Knows How To Build A Marriage + Podcast

How do you build a successful long-term relationship? Does anyone have the answers to this bazillion dollar question? Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash Few people surpass author and lawyer Rebecca Bromwich when it comes to marital success. On this…


Lockdown Love: Achieving Domestic Bliss During Coronavirus

How do you achieve domestic bliss in the midst of the Coronavirus? Relationships are challenging at the best of times, but now that coupled people spend all our time cooped up in their homes eating copious amounts of carbs, how…

Feminist Porn is the Future+Podcast!

As the old saying goes: everyone watches porn, but not all porn is made for everybody. Much of what we see online is geared towards the male audience and more importantly, the male gaze. So what is a gal to…

ADDICTED to You Do You (a dating podcast): In Defense of Ultimatums

“Ultimatum” is a four-syllable word, but when it comes to hetero relationships, society acts like it’s more of a “four-letter-word.” Well, I’m here to tell you that’s effed up! Ultimatums are a valuable tool to keep in your relationship toolkit….