This week on the Reheat – Katherine Heigl Deserves a Comeback

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This week’s episode is an lamentation about the downfall of Katherine Heigl. Once destined to be “the next big thing,” Katherine’s greatest weakness was being a woman with opinions. By the early 2010s, the outspoken actress had been branded “difficult to work with,” a label Katherine says gave her years of anxiety.

Today, Katherine portrays the lead on Firefly Lane, a mediocre Netflix series that’s a far-cry from the Silver Screen Leading Lady roles we thought she’d play for decades. Sadaf and I believe Katherine’s cancellation by Hollywood was unfair. In this episode, we contend Katherine has earned earned a comeback. Here’s why:


Her Opinions Were Ahead of Their Time

Katherine Heigl got flack for being too outspoken, but her opinions were pretty en point.  In 2008, well before Me Too started a meaningful discourse about sexism in Hollywood, Katherine told Vanity Fair it was sometimes hard for her to be a part of 2007’s Knocked Up. The reason? She said the film that made her a movie star was “a little sexist.” Director Judd Apatow and her co-star Seth Rogen took issue with the statement; however, we’d contend Katherine wsa 100% correct. Rewatch Knocked Up, and you’ll see it paints the female leads as cantankerous, joyless shrews.

So, if Katherine was correct about Knocked Up’s sexism, why were her comments controversial enough to derail her career? Well, pre-Me Too (and today too), women with opinions were lambasted as angry feminist killjoys. But doesn’t that reaction just strengthened Katherine’s contention that mainstream Hollywood is a pretty sexist place? We think so!


She Apologized To The Grey’s Anatomy Writers

Okay, so one legitimate mistake made by our girl Katherine was how she withdrew from contention at the 2008 Emmy Awards. Ms. Heigl took home the ‘07 Best Supporting Actress Emmy for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, the hit medical show that brought first her to national attention when it premiered in 2005. Unfortunately, the storylines for her character, Izzie Stevens, declined in quality as the series progressed. Remember when Izzie hooked up with the ghost of her ex-lover Denny?

Suffice it to say, Katherine didn’t feel great about how her character was evolving. Having said that, it was rude of her to blindside the show’s writers by withdrawing from Emmy contention and blaming the decision on receiving a lack of good “material.” In the workplace, it’s important to be a diplomatic colleague! However, is it fair to continue punishing the Katherine of today for one impolite statement she made over a decade ago? We think not. Remember, even Isaiah Washington, who allegedly referred to co-star T.R. Knight by an anti-gay slur on set, was eventually eventually invited back to Grey’s Anatomy.

For the record, Katherine has also expressed regret over shocking her Grey’s Anatomy co-workers when she withdrew from contentention at the Emmys. Maybe one day, we’ll live in a society where we actually forgive women when they own up to their mistakes.


She Would Kill It In Better Roles

Could you see Katherine Heigl co-starring with Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Zoe Kravitz, and Laura Dern in a third season of Big Little Lies? We can! Katherine is an actress who is equally adept at playing comedic and dramatic roles. We envision a third installment of the HBO series where Katherine Heigl kills her personal trainer. Of course, the ladies of Monterey conspire to cover up the murder! Drama ensues!

We could also see Katherine as Brie in a reboot of Desperate Housewives. Basically, we’re volunteering to be Katherine Heigl’s agents, because we believe in the potential as fervently as we believe in gravity or the healing powers of French toastl Now Hollywood, please give Katherine better roles! This woman has been exiled for long enough!


Sarah Sahagian

Sarah Sahagian

Sarah Sahagian is a feminist writer based in Toronto. Her byline has appeared in such publications as Elle Canada, Flare, Bitch Media, The Toronto Star, and The National Post. She is also the co-host of You Do You: A Dating Podcast. Sarah holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies from The London School of Economics. You can find her on Twitter, where she posts about politics and live-tweets The Bachelor