Contemporary Twists on classical chairs: blending old and New in interior design

Do you still have that vintage chair you inherited but are wondering if it would fit well with your modern style? Absolutely! Blending classical chairs with a touch of modernity gives your home a new and unique look while evoking a sense of nostalgia, which people feel safe with. But how can you blend your old and new furniture without making it look messy? In this article, we will dive into this topic, so keep reading if you’d like to learn about the contemporary twist on classical chairs.


The elegance of classical chairs

A classical chair can speak a thousand words with its rich background and design. They are timeless pieces that add meaning to your home. When adding a contemporary twist to your chairs, make sure not to lose the essence of the chair. The key is to find the perfect balance between old and new styles. You can experiment with their components, like only replacing the chair legs to make a rocking chair.


How do you blend old and new designs?

Modern floor chairs are a trendy design, and it is a wonderful idea to use your antique piece as one. You can upgrade your classical chairs without losing their original style. To blend your antique chair with modernity, experiment with the outside frame and add some new elements, like replacing the strings and batting. Also, switching the upholstery for a new one in a colour that complements your decor the best might already make a significant difference.


Combine the new and old in your room.

Combining new and old designs goes beyond the chairs. In a room, mixing new and old furniture creates a calming effect. You want to give your room a more stylish and not chaotic appearance. A classical chair looks great in neutral settings because it creates a calming ambiance and draws your attention right away. Be aware of the proportions of your chair in the space and consider how they relate to the other pieces of furniture.


After all, creating the right balance between classical chairs and modernism is all that matters. Try to find ways to give your ancient piece a more contemporary appearance without making too many changes. A classical chair will always stand out in your room, regardless of how modern it is. When are you going to blend old and new in your interior?


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