Elliot Cole: Dynamic, Contemporary Classical ‘Journals (vol. 1)’

Pick your ambiance: 

  • Classical melodies to aid your workday focus
  • Wind down, post-work music to read a newspaper beside your fireplace
  • Relaxing, calming instrumentals to help you drift off to sleep
  • Soothing pieces accompanying your mind-clearing walk through a colour-changing park

I guarantee that no matter which of the above you choose, Elliot Cole’s latest release, “Journals (vol 1), will fit the environment beautifully. The NYC-based composer teamed up with classical guitarist, Jordan Dodson and classical cellist, Gabriel Cabezas to bring listeners an inspirational and thought-provoking experience. Cole shares, “I usually make music to get outside myself, to explore, to roam.  To discover something I didn’t already have in me. But Journals is a return to the personal – a pencil and a notebook, a private moment, drawing out what’s inside.” 

This dream team blends exquisite harmonies with guitar and cello to create a dynamic dance between instruments. This is a contemporary classical body of work for both classical music enthusiasts and quick-clip-consuming millennials alike. The robust storytelling complexity that encompasses “Journals (vol. 1)” grabs your attention and guides you on a meaningful 17 minute journey across time and emotion. 

While songs like ‘November 1: Homesick’, ‘November 25: Lovesick’, and ‘December 7: Utah’ elicits smooth, compelling, heartfelt, and melancholic-driven tones, ‘December 4: Papakata’ and ‘December 14: Exit Row’ have a more up-tempo, passionate, and exciting Renaissance-like feel in its instrumentation ideal in adding dramatic effect to a high-intensity chase montage seen in movies.  

Elliot Cole is a composer, performer and “charismatic contemporary bard” (NY Times), whose music evokes “sparkling icicles of sound” (Rolling Stone). Cole is also a teacher, doctoral researcher in algorithmic composition at Princeton University, on faculty at Juilliard, electronic music producer, mixing engineer, animator, video editor, and runs the publishing house and record label Long Echo Music. 

Critically acclaimed, Cole’s collaborations include working with GRAMMY nominees A Far Cry and Metropolis Ensemble, acclaimed pianists Conor Hanick and David Kaplan, FLUX Quartet, Projeto Arcomusical, and many other groups. Most recently, Cole worked with GRAMMY winning vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth in scoring the breakthrough VR experience Evolver (e.d. Terrence Malick), alongside Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) and Wu Tang Clan, which previewed at Cannes in 2021. 

Enjoy the change of season with “Journals (vol 1)” and keep up with Elliot Cole’s extensively impressive career online and in person:

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Sarah Keith

Creator in both music and business, Sarah is a pop-soul singer-songwriter currently building a retreat company. She divides her time between Toronto & Dominican Republic making music, creating experiences, curating content, & enjoying life with her dog, Cookie.