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How to keep your focus when working or studying at home

What can be better than study or working in the comfort of your home! It may sound like a pure joy unless you are someone who goes through the experience of having to deal with distractions that keep derailing an…

Planning A Party? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

There’s something about gathering together with friends that makes people happy, and parties provide the perfect opportunity to do just that. Most people like parties because they offer a chance to socialize with friends in a fun and relaxed setting….

Get Cleaning to Give Back this Spring with (RED)

Over the years, there have been so many great charities and non-profits that I’ve been fortunate enough to learn about and learn from. One of those fantastic entities is (RED). Today, over 25 million people living with HIV have access…

How Painting Properly Can Immediately Change Any Space

Here’s the thing, most great things in life don’t just happen, they take planning and hard work, and the same goes with painting. You can wing it and hope for the best, or take the time, plan it out, and…

How To Be a Tourist In Your Own City

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re itching for some exploration? You want a new city to explore, but travelling somewhere would put a dent in your budget. Don’t fret. There’s a place to explore right under your nose….