How to keep your focus when working or studying at home

What can be better than study or working in the comfort of your home! It may sound like a pure joy unless you are someone who goes through the experience of having to deal with distractions that keep derailing an unsupervised environment. Remember, autonomy accompanies greater responsibility if you are wondering how to stay focused and be productive while at home, go through a few simple, practical tips.

Guest post by Darren Barden

Go to Your Productive Place

Your environment has more to do with your mood, mindset, and approach than you imagine! Let’s assume you are in a hell of noise with children playing and raising a ruckus. Now let’s switch to a paradise that fosters peace. Everything is well placed and tranquil. If I ask you to go and compose an essay with both the options at your disposal, which one would you turn to? I know what your answer is. You should always make sure that the place that you choose for studying features everything that allows you to focus on your study and is free from any critical deterrents. If you have to work out an assignment and your favourite productive place is occupied, you may consult college paper for sale services to get a reference to help get the job done.

Don’t work On Your Bed

Stay away from your bed as long as you have to complete your work or digest a lesson. This may sound annoying at first. But facts tell us what we love our bed for:

  • soothing comfort
  • rest
  • slumber
  • relaxation
  • freedom

Once you are on your bed, it may be hard to avoid the temptation to slide beneath the covers and shut your eyes. Therefore, find a place where you have nothing to remind you of your bed if you want to be productive at home.


Always Keep Your Workplace Clean

Studies have proven that cleanliness in the workplace is a significant motivating force. A cluttered environment may put you in a bad mood. To be productive, you need a focus that goes hand in hand with a sense of organised thoughts, actions and surroundings. So try to keep your place as clean as possible.


Focus on the Most Important Tasks First

You have a limited supply of energy, which you may exhaust at some point on many days. This, combined with the fact that you have limited hours at your disposal, requires you to prioritise your activities. Forget not to get through the tasks which are on the top of your list of priorities. Then, switch to the less important ones with the least important ones to be done in the end. In this way, you can avoid the fear of being drained out with many important things yet to be done.

To avoid these troubles, having a schedule of logically prioritised activities in place is always vital. If you have many valuable tasks on your plate and another writing assignment falls like a bombshell on your head, relax as you can delegate this task to a cheap essay writing service.


Avoid Multitasking

The research shows that multitasking may shrink your productivity to 40% only. Do one thing at a time. As you work or study, keep all other temptations out of your mind. Yes, there can be many exciting activities in your schedule, and you may feel like accelerating the time; this hardly makes sense. Try to live in the moment and be focused on what you have at hand.


Take notes

Take notes when listening or reading. These notes will serve as a roadmap for you later on. They will provide you with clues and allow you to connect different pieces of information. This will save you from having to go through a lesson or an idea from scratch if you happen to forget anything. You can merely check-up with your notes and add those elements back to your memory.


Keep Calm and Sleep Well

A proper, sound and restful night sleep is fuel for your productivity. A positive change in sleep-wake habits can do wonders. Again, lack of sleep can keep you feeling groggy all day. To avoid these distractions to mess with your study work habits, try to get enough sleep every night. Doing this will save you from juggling around with trying to keep your eyes open while trying to focus on your study, at the same time. Still, if you are at the end of a long tiring day with an essay yet to be composed, consult WriteMyEssay.


Studying or working at home is a double-edged sword. You can avoid substantial commutes and may not have to worry about your appearance. However, you need to be your supervisor to make sure you stay on top of all your work, day to day. 

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