7 Skincare products you didn’t know you needed until you turned 40

In my twenties, my skincare routine was basic at best.  I blinked in confusion at ads for wrinkle fighting creams, firming lotions, and various potions that went so far above and beyond my “wash, tone, moisturize” routine.  I thought perhaps it was all just a marketing gimmick, that I wouldn’t ever need to delve into the depths these marketing campaigns depicted.  Then, I started AGING. 

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When I went from my twenties to my thirties, and now approach my 40s, I learned that while aging is a beautiful thing to embrace, one’s skincare needs do change with age.  In the past my skin may have been satisfied with a simple moisturizing lotion to feel hydrated and comfortable, it now takes multiple layers of heavier formulas and different products to achieve that same level of comfort.  I’ve started to explore those previously intimidating aspects of skincare, welcoming the chance to learn how to best care for my newfound skin needs. And since I’m not the only one aging, I thought I’d share some of those discoveries.


Suncreen, now in a Higher SPF

I’ve always been diligent about sunscreen.  I use it daily for protection and prevention, but when I was younger, I never used any sunscreen stronger than SPF 15, 30 max.  Now I don’t use anything lower than a 50.  Why?  Generally the industry seems to be steering users towards stronger levels of protection, but also, I know now more than ever that I only get one skin, and I need to care for it.  Whether it’s backed by science or not, I definitely feel like the sun affects my skin more intensely, that I feel more dehydrated and tight after a day in the sun that I did when I was younger.  So now I pull out Avène’s Tinted mineral fluid SPF 50+ every day.  It gives great sun protection with the added bonus of evening out my skin tone for a smoother look.


Neck Cream is an actual thing

While skin on the neck and décolletage (the chest and bust area) do differ from that of the face, they are all more exposed to the elements than the rest of our bodies and as such require more care and protection.  Applying your daily sunscreen to your neck and chest area (and your hands for good measure) is a great preventative method.  When it comes more restorative methods, consider adding a neck or décolletage cream to your skincare routine.   I love Elizabeth Grant’s Snow Algae Neck Cream, with a combination of snow algae, Torricelumn™, and collagen. It’s a decadent addition to any skincare routine to make that below the chin skin nourished, supple and cared for.

Hand care is skincare

If you’re worried about aging, in the same vein as your neck and décolletage; hands are an instant giveaway if you don’t properly care for them. I’ve now learned to apply whatever leftover sunscreen I have from my face to my neck and hands.  And when it comes to care, nothing beats a super rich hand cream.  I love L’Occitane’s signature Shea Butter hand cream because it’s rich and long lasting while also absorbing quickly, with no greasy film.  I love the sweet Festive Garden Scent that makes our Canadian winter a little bit more tolerable.


I still get pimples

One of life’s cruelest fallacies is that we outgrow acne.  I can tell you that despite being well into my 30s pimples are still a part of my life.  They usually appear when I don’t wash my face before bed (a terrible habit, I know) and even if they don’t, I can still feel the congestion and see the dullness in my skin when I neglect it this way.  However, the good part about aging with acne is knowledge of, and access to, way better skincare products when breakouts happen.  I love Rodan + Fields RECHARGE Detox Mask.  Make with charcoal, mango seed butter and coconut oil this mask is refreshing, exfoliating and nourishing at the same time.  You just spread a generous layer of the black paste to your face (avoiding your eyes), sit back and let it attack all the bad stuff, then scrub it all away, leaving only smooth, supple, super clean skin. 


These days, between getting older and Canadian winters, moisturizer alone isn’t enough to satiate my thirsty skin.  Along with needing to increase my water intake, I’ve had to add another layer to my skincare routine: serum.  Layered under moisturizer, serums are generally concentrated formula meant to pack that extra punch when it comes to skincare needs, be it firming, moisturizing, anti-aging, or a combination.  I’ve been enjoying Elizabeth Grant’s  Caviar Cellular Recharge Super serum with Torricelumn™ derived from caviar.  It’s just as decadent as it sounds and really saves my sad winter skin.

I now use products with words like “Firming” or “Tightening” in their names

Gravity is a force we cannot fight, and sometimes that makes itself apparent on our faces.  In recent years I’ve noticed a bit of sag around my jawline and nose, which makes it all the more fascinating when I try firming products that actually work.  I love the Firming Sleeping Mask from Laneige. One application before bed, and you wake up with visibly firmer, plumper and tighter skin.  It’s also deeply and luxuriously hydrating, making for a perfect bedtime indulgence that makes you look and feel more youthful and fresh by morning. 

Ingredients like Retinol and AHAs are in a lot of my products

Retinols (the scientific way to describe topical vitamin A) and Alpha Hydroxy or Glycolic acids (topical chemical exfoliants) are two families of ingredients that are often found in anti-aging skin care products. These ingredients are intended to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles either by boosting collagen production and plumping the skin or by gently and persistently exfoliating the top layer of the skin, all with the goal of making skin appear smoother and more youthful.  Products with Retinol or one of these types of acids are meant to be used sparingly at first, as they can produce some redness and flakiness as skin adapts.  Results are not seen instantly, but over long periods of use, sometimes up to 12 months.  I’ve used products with these ingredients in the past and have definitely seen the smoothing benefits.  I’ve recently added Vivier’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cream to my routine, and I’m looking forward to seeing positive results with continued use!


What skincare products have you discovered through your aging journey?  Tweet us at @weraddicted and share!

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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