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4 Tips on taking travel rest days to make the most of your vacation

Ahh the sweet whirlwind of a long-anticipated vacation. Hitting your wish list spots, cramming as many eats into a day as possible, staying up late and rising with the sun to pack as much as you can in a day…….


At home chrome gel manicure – a how to guide

I’ve always been someone who loved doing her own nails.  I owned a veritable rainbow of nail polish colors all of my life, starting in my teen years from my days of roaming the aisle’s of FX on Queen street…

Days of Giving: Leisurewear that gives you #AlltheFeels

The Days of Giving casually strolls into Day 2 with a feel good fashion giveaway:  a leisurewear capsule wardrobe from Nomad Clothing’s #AlltheFeels Collection. I’ve very much embraced the athleisure trend.  Fashion meeting comfort is very much my style sweet…

Four Of The Best Books About Modern Dating

Tired of worrying about things like whether to text the person you’re dating? Why not read a text about dating instead! One of the best ways to educate ourselves on something is to read up on it. That’s why we’ve…