6 Ideas to Elevate Your Backyard from Average to “Hygge” Haven

When life gets hectic, we have the urge to run away from it. Traveling can be the best solution but it’s probably the last thing we should be doing now. But, there are still ways to create our own getaway and run away from stress. We can find solace in our backyard and make it feel like the trip of our lifetime. But first, there are a few things we need to do to elevate the vibe of our backyard from average to inviting.


What is a “Hygge” Haven?

Hygge which is pronounced like hue-guh (/ˈh(j)uːɡə/) is something that Danish people embrace in their lifestyle. The entire concept is based on living in the moment, finding joy in it, acknowledging it and being present. So, staring at your phone constantly, not saying yes to a slice of pizza, or stressing constantly is not hygge.  When it comes to inviting hygge into your home, it means making it as cozy as possible, warm, and inviting. This concept will transform your backyard into your favourite staycation.

The following steps are crucial for upgrading your backyard to hygge level.



Before you begin transforming your backyard, you need to have a clear view of what you’re dealing with. You need a clear canvas so that you can make magic and add essential objects to your staycation haven. Mow your lawn, remove any stubborn weeds, and take out the trash. You can do this in a day or over a weekend. Once you finish, make a rough sketch of your backyard and pencil in the items you need for perfect relaxation at home. 

Maintenance also means getting rid of pests and preventing future infestations. The professionals over at envirogpc.com can tell you how rapidly these insects and rodents breed and how important it is to maintain a clean yard. So, make sure to schedule regular maintenance checks to keep your backyard free of any unwanted guests.


Shaded area

After you’ve taken care of your lawn, it’s time to pick the right spot for relaxation. If you already have a patio, it’s time to put it into use. Clean it up and buy some outdoor furniture perfect for lounging, napping and relaxing. Pick durable pieces that have a comfortable seating area. Arrange it all around a small table you can use to put down your cocktail or even eat outside. You’ll also need something to shade you from the sun, so go for either a pergola or a retractable awning or anything else that gives you the right shade. 


Proper lighting

When we work from home and spend our free time social distancing, we become fonder of the open space. So, once you set up your outdoor nook, you’ll spend all of your time outside, especially in the evening. That’s the reason why you should pick the right lighting for your outdoor area. Fairy lights can make your nook feel like a dreamy getaway in the evening. They will give you just enough light so that you won’t lounge in complete darkness. If you plan on reading, make sure you have some proper light attached nearby, so you’ll be comfortable enough to read outside. You can also light up walking paths with solar lamps you can stick directly into the soil. Spotlights also serve the same purpose.


Swimming pool

Swimming pools will give your backyard a true resort vibe and make this summer at home more bearable. Also, it’s a good investment in the long run because you’ll always be in the position to staycation at home and not feel summertime sadness whenever you’re unable to travel. Swimming pool construction experts will help you make the right choice based on the size of your backyard, your budget and preferences. So, if having a pool in your backyard is among those things you want to achieve in your five-year plan, now’s the time to move forward with this decision.



Swimming pools and barbecues simply go together because after swimming and having fun, you’ll want to grab something to eat. Outdoor grilling will be your next favorite thing to do in your backyard. Especially if you’re having a few friends over and you want to show off your cooking skills. You can also go ahead and set up an outdoor kitchen along with an outdoor dining area. This will be ideal for dining out outside, especially if the barbecue is on the menu.


Portable Speakers

Another component of a great backyard is the music, so invest in a portable speaker. You can carry it with you to the pool, the outdoor kitchen, or the patio without having to blast the music from the house and annoy your neighbours.

How are you inviting hygge into your home?  Share with us!



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