Top 10 Ideas How to Spend Time Together

Whether you met in real life, through an app, an online group, black dating site, or one of the many other options, togetherness is important. It’s the glue that keeps relationships going. Now that doesn’t mean to spend every waking moment together, but you also don’t want to run out of ideas. Below is a shortlist of creative ways to spend time together. These methods can breathe new life into a relationship or strengthen them.


Recreating the First Date

You may have met on a local dating site but that doesn’t matter. It’s the build-up to the very first date you two had. Recreating that experience can serve as a reminder for why you two fell in love.

So go the distance if need be. Was it flashy? Make it flashy. Was it low-key? Make it low-key.  The purpose of this experience is to travel back in time before talking about bills, kids, family, and jobs.

But what if the date didn’t go as planned or wasn’t that great? Well then recreate what you wish it was.


Have a Fancy Night In

Have skills cooking like a gourmet chef? Have a number to a fine-dining restaurant that lets you order out? Whatever the case is, this idea is to have a fancy night in the comfort of your own home. So put on the best threads and nicest shoes, pop a bottle of wine and play some nice music.

You can also check Oakland date ideas for more options in your fancy night out.


Try a New Sport Together

Dating and activities together can fall into a routine and become stale after a while. Making a point of doing something different can be exciting and a way to spend time together. Along the vein of sports, there are all kinds of sports. Skiing, badminton, tennis, hitting up a squash court or roller rink. The list is extensive.


Use Your Strengths in New Ways

Some people excel at writing or painting. Others have musical talents. Whatever the case is, use them in new ways can spice things up too. Write a romantic poem or paint a picture of them wearing those boots you love so much. Even if you keep it between each other, it’s something that you’re bound to remember forever.


Vacation or a Weekend Getaway

Being around the same four walls can close a couple just as much as spending time together. This is regardless of how much they love one another. One way to get the best of both worlds is to consider arranging a vacation – short or long.

The focus of this activity is to relish the change in scenery. This can do wonders for any relationship and can allow you to see one another in a more romantic light.


Reading a Bedtime Story

Depending on the couple this idea could set the mood for a romantic evening. Has your lover been pushing you to read a naughtier book? Or do they have a romance section on their Kindle? Take advantage of that opportunity and take the time to read to them. It could lead to something spicy.


Game Together

Gaming has become more universally accepted and there is bound to be a series of games you enjoy. Whether it’s something modern or retro, this is a good idea to relive childhood memories. Get some popcorn ready, turn the lights off, change the living room into a chill spot and have a blast gaming.


Movie Night

Just Netflix. It’s a classic tactic but can be altered as well. Make it a point of going back to old school movies. Or maybe good movies you two were too young to watch when you were kids. Make it a theme and it can be relaxing.


Give Them a Bath

Baths are always nice and are also romantic. Everyone loves to be pampered. So light some candles, make their favourite drink, and run a nice warm bubble bath.


Pillow Fight

While it sounds childish and silly, that’s kind of the point. No matter how old one is, this is a great stress reliever and can lead to an outright tickle fight too. Just remember the idea is to amuse your partner rather than to win the fight.



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