Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Too many of us let our garden space go to waste throughout the year. A well-designed garden can be like an extra room in the home, extending your living space and giving you the ideal place to entertain, spend time with the family, or simply enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how you can redesign your yard to make the most of your garden space this summer.


Add Some Shade

While a little bit of vitamin D is good for our health, spending too much time in the sun can lead to skin damage and even cancer. By including shade in your garden design, you allow yourself to stay outdoors for longer, even when the sun is overhead. Some shade structures can also protect you from wind and rain during less pleasant days.

The easiest way to add shade is by placing a parasol or umbrella in your yard. Many patio tables come equipped to hold an umbrella, or you can pick a spot to ground it in the dirt. There are a wide variety of umbrella styles to choose from, depending on the look of your yard. You can find sturdy metal models, resort-style parasols with attractive wooden frames, and even child-sized options for little ones.

If you want to go a bit further, you can add shade to your garden by installing an awning over your patio. Before you install, make sure your gutters are cleaned so all areas supporting your new awning are properly prepped. For more versatility, you can find retractable options. If you prefer a classic garden design, a wooden pergola or arbour covered in vines can provide plenty of shade.


Include Patio Furniture

If you don’t have a good place to sit, it can be difficult to enjoy your time outside. You should invest in some patio chairs for relaxing, and if you plan to enjoy meals, games, or more, you may want to get a table as well. Make sure that you opt for durable models that will be able to withstand the weather in your area. Metal or plastic are both excellently durable and quality materials for outdoor furniture. If you prefer a more rustic wooden look, you can find items that are treated to make them weather-resistant.


With just a little bit of hard work and creativity, you can turn your yard into the perfect place to host gatherings, enjoy time with loved ones, or simply relax outside. The right garden design can transform your outdoor space into a functional extension of your home.



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