5 Sure Signs You Need A New Smartphone

Most of us have smartphones, and we all know just how fragile they are; walking around with a cracked smartphone screen is a lot more common than you might think. And because smartphones aren’t generally cheap, replacing your smartphone after a small screen crack is often not a pocket-friendly notion.

With that said, there are a few definite signs that it’s time for a new smartphone. So, if you aren’t too sure if you should start shopping around for one, if you note even one of the following signs, a new smartphone should be at the top of your priority list.

Photo by cottonbro


A Cracked Screen With Black Patches Or Line

If your phone’s screen is cracked, and you notice black patches or colourful lines across the screen, it’s not going to last much longer at all. The black patches and lines show that the screen display is damaged, rather than the glass screen cover. Once you get a new phone, be sure to invest in protective accessories, such as a variety of phone cases available here, a screen protector, and others. 


Your Phone Can’t Upgrade The Newest Operating System

Suppose your phone doesn’t give you the option to upgrade to a new operating system. In this case, it’s time for a new one. This is most common with Apple’s OS system, as they don’t generally send out device upgrades. On the other hand, Android phones can also age to a point where the device cannot handle the newest operating system, even though your smartphone will try to download and install the system. 


The Manufacturer No Longer Supports Your Device

Every smartphone eventually ages to a point where the manufacturer stops supporting the device. This can be seen with the iconic Blackberry models and several other phones models out there. If the manufacturer stops supporting your device, you won’t upgrade or download any new app versions. This means your phone will be hardly helpful. And you may even have a problem finding phone accessories, charging cables, and other essentials. So, it’s best instead to purchase a new phone.


Your Phone Seems Exceptionally Slow

A slow phone can be exceptionally frustrating to work work. If your phone hangs and takes time to open apps, make phone calls, and browse the net, you’ll benefit from a new device. Clearing your phone won’t help or serve as a solution as the processor might be too old. 


Your Battery Doesn’t Last Anymore

If your smartphone’s battery life is not lasting at all, it’s time for a new smartphone. In days gone by, we could purchase a new battery for our phones when the old one started to show signs of age. However, these days smartphones come with the battery sealed in, so you can’t even take it out, let alone try and replace it. A damaged or old battery can have you using your smartphone while plugged into the charger the entire time, which can also be exceptionally annoying and not at all practical.



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