Toronto Embraces The Aces at the Opera House

At Toronto’s Opera House, Utah-raised musicians The Aces took to the stage in what turned out to be a memorably energetic evening.

Consisting of sisters Cristal Ramirez (vocals), Alisa Ramirez (drums), bassist McKenna Petty and guitarist Katie Henderson, the four members took the stage in blazers and sunglasses launching into tracks from their new album, I’ve Loved You for So Long.

The band performed with an effortless quality pulling out all the stops, flawlessly fitted between rhythm and their guitars.

Individually, each member’s stage persona shimmered, particularly Cristal Ramirez, who uniquely danced coolly across the stage looking like Neo from the Matrix. Interacting with fans from beginning to end, she was clearly embodying the music through her moves.

Cristal Ramirez of The Aces. Photo by Myles Herod.

As for songs, favourites such as “Kelly” and “Daydream” were included in the set list, as was the majority of their latest LP, I’ve Loved You for So Long. Unsurprisingly, fans screamed just as loud for cuts off their earlier records Under My Influence and When My Heart Felt Volcanic, demonstrating dedication of the highest order.

If one thing was certain throughout the show, it’s that the on-stage chemistry, and energy, from the quartet was undeniable. Not only did they sound like the studio versions of themselves, they were equally potent performing live together, too.

Sometimes referred to as a “girl group” or “girl band”, The Aces are best described as simply a band. It was their music that transcended the night’s show, championing talent, not just gender.


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