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The Talk raises $108,000 for youth arts education through UforChange

Last night some of Canada’s most brilliant and innovative minds came for the second annual “The Talk” – a live panel discussion with thought leaders in support of Canada’s most creative charities UforChange. *images by George Pimental Photography Taking place…


Partners in love and music: meet FEATURETTE

In life, we form many different partnerships. Some can be for work, others for friendship, and others still for love or companionship.  But what happens when those partnerships start to overlap?  According to one couple, some pretty great things actually….

Travel Essentials for that dreaded red eye flight

Ah the dreaded red eye! Anyone who travels for work probably understands the desperate resolution of having to settle for a red eye between Toronto and Vancouver. Dragging yourself to the airport after a late dinner send off, dreading the…

An ode to sexy summer hair with Shea Moisture

ADDICTED fam and friends, we know it feels like summer is coming but an end, but it’s still a hot girl/boy/human summer for a few weeks longer! Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels The heat was not playing…