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Traveller, image maker, pop-culture seeker, storyteller, a guy you want around when things go south. Tastes range from Kubrick to Krautrock, Wu-Tang to Wiseau. Currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Dora Jar Busts into Toronto with a Buzzworthy Performance

American singer-songwriter Dora Jar had a rollicking good time with fans at Toronto’s Drake Underground. Having opened up for Billie Eilish on tour, this occasion marked her first headlining slot in Canada – crossing the border to alert audiences as to what…

The Smashing Pumpkins Score Big with their Return to Toronto

Although the music of 1990’s alternative rock icons The Smashing Pumpkins may be dour, the atmosphere inside Scotiabank Arena was anything but. Celebrating the 27th anniversary of their seminal 1995 double-album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Billy Corgan and…