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Traveller, image maker, pop-culture seeker, storyteller, a guy you want around when things go south. Tastes range from Kubrick to Krautrock, Wu-Tang to Wiseau. Currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Indigo De Souza Shreds Through ‘Hold U’ and More at Toronto’s Velvet Underground

Indigo De Souza knows her way around a song. And a Gibson electric. With her latest, last year’s breakthrough Any Shape You Take, the North Carolina singer-songwriter offered up hooks, riffs, and beats packaged in succinct songs of heartbreak. At…

Mysterious Texan 1st Base Runner Unveils Newest EP ‘Ellis’

Returning with his sophomore EP Ellis, Texan Tim Husmann, aka 1st Base Runner, has cultivated an atmospheric journey across five melodic tracks. Driven by Husmann’s soulful voice, delivered in hypnotic dulcet tones, its 17-minute runtime offers an extensive toolkit that only…

King Hannah Live at The Drake Underground

Liverpool’s King Hannah is a band with a fully-formed sound that seemingly came out of nowhere. Led by the duo Hannah Merrick and Craig Whittle, their debut, I’m Not Sorry, I’m Just Being Me is an Americana-tinted, slowcore amalgamation that…

Playful Post-Punk from UK’s Dry Cleaning Captivates Toronto Fans

South London quartet Dry Cleaning deserve the hype. Their breakthrough record, 2021’s New Long Leg, presents a tightly-wound anomaly, surreal and thrilling in its 42 minutes of post-punk. The exact kind of music that wouldn’t necessarily translate well to stage….