This Canadian Brand Can Help Your Wellness Goals with Curation and Community

If wellness is a priority this New Year’s resolution season, b, halfmoon is a good place to start. Think: game-changing yoga mats, Canadian-made meditation cushions, and all of the crystals and natural oils your heart and soul could desire.

Late last summer, parent company Mindful Collective Co. announced the union of sister brands B Yoga and Halfmoon, launching their new lifestyle and yoga brand b, halfmoon. b, halfmoon has a purpose to support and inspire people on their wellness journeys through community and a well-curated product line that invites moments of pause and calm.

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mindful Collective Co., Andrea McKay, has turned her personal passion for yoga, movement, and wellness into much more than a hobby. McKay founded B Yoga 9.5 years ago, but her vision began many years prior, when she was living in Australia and pursuing her MBA in 2003.

“This is where and when I fell hard for yoga and, more specifically, the practice and ritual that my mat offers,” says McKay. “I was so taken by the lifestyle there. It felt like there was a yoga studio at every street corner – bookended by juice shops and crystal and tarot shops. The practice touched me at my core. It centered me. It attuned me into my own needs while also being a physical release. From that moment forward, I told myself that I would somehow, someday get into the ‘business of yoga,’ I wanted to share this gift with others and integrate my passions for business, creativity and yoga – but, of course, I had no clue as to how. But I was touched by an undeniable yet subtle whisper of inspiration.”

Fast-forward to 2012, when a piece of premium rubber would change McKay’s life path. “I discovered the unprecedented grip, cushion, and durability of what would become the B Mat in an R&D lab,” says McKay. “I touched the rubber compound, and half-jokingly said ‘This would make an amazing yoga mat,’ and the rest is history. I knew that this was my future. After endless prototyping and trialing, with bootstrap funding and that tireless whisper, the B Mat was born to rave reviews in the Spring of 2014 and it’s been an incredible ride since then.”



Both long-time yogis and those new to the practice couldn’t get enough of the superior grip, durability, sustainability, and gorgeous colour story of the B Mats. Naturally, they remain one of b, Halfmoon’s star products.

The B Yoga brand enjoyed steady growth and accompanying success. McKay attributes this to a recipe of three ingredients. “Product: We have truly unique, special, and different products that enhance people’s well-being,” says McKay. “People: We have a team of impassioned individuals who genuinely believe in our mission to support people’s life practices. Place: We connect with our incredible community in the right places, be that in-studio, online, or elsewhere.”

In 2018, McKay acquired Halfmoon, a brand she had long admired. “At that time, Halfmoon and B Yoga became sister brands, rooted in shared values,” says McKay. “From that point on, the integration of the two brands was an unspoken eventuality. Merging the two brands gives us a single platform and therefore a stronger, more unified voice to promote our wellness lifestyle through our connection with nature, our community, our products and services, and innovation.”

b, halfmoon’s new crystal and aromatherapy categories offer wellness enhancing opportunities through the healing powers of precious stones and natural oils from the earth. “Ranging from palm stones to cube stones, and ten different stone types, we have a crystal for everyone – each accompanied by a custom educational card,” says McKay. “And we have multiple essential oil diffuser and roll on blends, crafted with deep knowledge and intention around each ingredient.”



As for the ‘typical customer,’ there isn’t one. “The brand is designed for anyone on their journey to wellness, ranging from mindfulness and movement enthusiasts and educators, to corporate folks looking for shoulder and hip support after their 9-5,” says McKay.

McKay says it was important for b, halfmoon to offer elevated, in-person brand experiences. Shortly after its launch, b, halfmoon opened its first-ever retail concept store in Biarritz, France. The retail concept mimics the experience of an art gallery and is also used as a space for wellness activations, like movement, meditation, and ayurvedic events.



“One of our core values at b, halfmoon is connection with heart,” says McKay. “Our community is at the heart of everything we do and the best way to meaningfully engage with our community is through in-person experiences. As the world has reopened, we are delighted to offer more engaging in-person experiences that bring the brand to life and foster deep connections within our incredible community. This is how we learn, grow and also receive our greatest inspirations.”

As McKay highlights, in an increasingly chaotic world, there is definitely a need for more wellness-focused brands. “The world needs wellness more than ever today, and we are humbled to support this global need,” says McKay. “I am inspired by the ever-expanding perspective of what wellness entails. Our perspective at b, halfmoon is that wellness is multidimensional and ever evolving, and we feel the industry increasingly supports this view. There is no ‘one size fits all’ to wellness, and there are many elements that support us on our wellness journey.”

As for McKay, she says that her entrepreneurial journey has taught her a lot about leadership, which has ultimately taught her a lot about herself.



“More specifically, I’ve been studying and practicing mindful leadership for a few years now,” explains McKay. “Mindful leadership is the concept of being fully present and able to hold space for my team’s thoughts and feelings in an inquisitive, non-judgmental, and compassionate way, allowing me to lead with a clear mind and open heart. Now let’s be clear here; I have not mastered the above practice by any means. It’s just that; a practice. One that I am deeply committed to and requires self-awareness, as well as a lot of conscious choice and responsibility. Leadership is an extremely humbling journey and constant education.”



Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis is a Toronto-based writer and actor. When she’s not writing the day away in a face mask, she’s taking in the city’s vibrant arts scene, doing a red carpet interview or brunching with her leading ladies (at least, in pre-COVID-19 times). Follow Erin: @erinnicoledavis