The Easiest Way to Grow Herbs Indoors at Home

While some places in the world have warm enough weather to grow outdoors all year round, for people like myself, who live in Canada, that’s not the case. Here in Toronto, we have the spring and summer to grow outside, and the rest of the year is far too cold to do much of anything. Thus I’ve always turned to growing indoors.

Years ago, I tried to depend on the limited amount of light in winter to grow inside, with not much luck, but as grow lights became available, I used them to grow a few herbs and tomato plants. Still, it wasn’t until I discovered Click & Grow and their genius system that I found an easy way to grow all the herbs and even some veggies and flowers through the fall and winter indoors.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose the unit that suits you; if you’re starting out, I would suggest the Click & Grow Smart Garden 3.
  2. Order the pods you want, whether it be dill, basil, tomatoes, or a wide array of herbs, veggies and flowers.
  3. Once you have the unit, fill the reservoir with water, click in the pods, turn the Smart Garden on by plugging it in, and finish by placing greenhouse covers on the pods.
  4. After that, all you have to do is add water (once a week, if not longer), and once the plants reach the greenhouse cap, remove them and let them grow freely.
  5. Trim, prune, and enjoy the plants!

We’ve been testing out Click & Grow for almost two years, and here’s what we found. First off, we love the Smart Gardens 3 and 9. We have found that it’s by far the easiest way to grow herbs, flowers, and veggies.


While you can grow a mish-mash of whatever you like, we’ve found it’s best to separate your growing. For example, if you’re going to grow flowers, grow a whole smart garden of flowers; same with herbs and veggies, they can be grown together, but we’ve found it best to separate them from the flowers.

When growing a mash-up of all, we found that because they all have very different growth cycles and shelf lives, it’s best to separate from our experiences, so when ordering, clicking and growing, be aware to check out the growth and maturity details.


Smart Garden 3 with all Lavender


Over the last year, we have grown endless dill, basil, cilantro, lavender, mint, rosemary, and parsley, as well as cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, lettuce, along with black pansies, cockscomb, and a lot of polka dot flowers, which I’ve grown to love.



I grow my veggies and some herbs in my Smart Garden 9, all lavender in one Smart Garden 3, and newly planted Parsley, Rosemary and Dill in the other.

Not only have I been able to grow an entire indoor garden and the little crop that goes along with that, but I find gardening outside or inside to be joyful and relaxing; I always have, so not only do I get my greens and grow pretty things, I also find it adds to the quality of my day-to-day.


Smart Garden 9


So, if you’re looking to grow a few herbs so you can always have them fresh and at hand, or you want to start an entire indoor veggie grow operation, with Click & Grow Smart Gardens, the choices really do seem endless to grow your favourite herb, veggies and flowers, with as little effort as possible.

To start your Smart Garden journey, visit Click & Grow today. Products provided for review



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