TESTED: Kizik Slip on Sneakers

If your social media feed is anything like mine, you’ve probably seen ads for sneakers you can slip your foot right into without undoing the laces, without using your hands and without wrecking the back of the shoe.

The woman comes along, shoves her foot into the shoe, hands-free and with no effort and goes on her merry way. After seeing it a few times, I thought to myself, are these shoes that easy and hassle-free, because as someone who walks a dog many times a day, it would be a lot easier to shove my feet into a comfy pair of shoes and be on my way, instead of taking my time to lace up my shoes while my dog sits and watches me wondering why we haven’t left yet.

So, I wanted to find out if, in fact, the Kiziks shoes are that easy, do stand up, and if they are also comfy because that is a make or break for most of us as well.

When the shoes arrived, we liked the look and lightweight feel, so we got right into testing them after a quick check and photoshoot.


The Men’s Madrid Eco Knit

The specific pair that we tested is the Men’s Madrid Eco Knit. The Madrid is fashioned with an environmentally friendly knit upper made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s got a four-way stretch that makes it breathable, and of course, the supported back allows you to slip them right on, hands-free.

Hands-free slip-on shoes
Price: $158
Colour: Olive (comes in 10 colours)
Sizes 4 1/2 – 15
Standard and wide width


Are they really slip-on shoes?

It’s funny, as we began testing, we found ourselves using our hands to put on the shoes as it’s so ingrained in us through conditioning to do so, but, as we caught ourselves, we started just shoving our feet right into the shoes, and each and every time it was without issue.

If you’re using the appropriate size and aren’t wearing wildly thick socks, you can slip on the shoes easily while done up, without using your hands, one hundred percent of the time. We tried many different types of socks, on different floors, over several weeks, and each time they went on as easily as a slipper.


Are they comfortable?

Yes. They feel comfy on and underfoot as you walk or do your thing. They also feel a bit wider than other brands I’ve tested in the past, which is great cause I’ve often found my toes are crunched in as some shoes are too narrow.

They have a great cushion under and, due to the breathable knit material used for the shoe, also have lots of movement while offering the structure you need, thanks in part to the slip-on back support.

They really are great walking shoes, perfect for slipping on and taking the dog out.


After testing, we must admit; we love the ease, convenience and comfort of the Madrid Eco Knit, and not only that, we love their look. Now we are ready for the spring weather to start so we can get out and active in our new Kiziks.

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*product provided for review



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