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4 Shoe Care Tips for Longer Lasting Shoes

Everyone has two sections of their closet: fast fashion pieces and investment pieces. Investment pieces are those special, timeless pieces that you are going to wear again and again for years to come, and they’re of good quality so that…


Think You Know UGG? Better Think Again

When we think of UGG, most of us probably think of their original boot, and thus we may write them off when it comes to selections outside winter comfort, but you may now know that UGG has expanded way past…

TESTED: The Reebok Sole Fury

I’ve tested a pretty wide selection of shoes over the years, some good, some bad, and some, well some were really something special. My pals over a Reebok sent us over the highly anticipated Sole Fury, a new performance-driven silhouette….

The 3 loafers every man needs

When it comes to summer style and ease, men’s loafers are king. You might think that loafers are only for a business casual look, but that’s where you would be wrong. Nowadays loafers come in all different looks and uses, some…

The Top 5 Wardrobe Pieces That Are Worth Investing In

When you go shopping, you’ll often see items that are well above your normal price range and many that are within a comfortable range. But when should you splurge out on new gear? Below, we’ll explore those must-have items that…

TESTED: Clarks Triken Run

When I buy shoes, I want them to look good, feel great, and be fully functional. So when it comes to having an active lifestyle I want to know that I’m wearing the right shoes while still staying stylish. So…

Style x Comfort: Ecco

It probably comes as no surprise that I love shoes. So when I was previewing the men’s collection from ECCO I just had to grab a pair of these ECCO Cool 2.0 GTX Textile Sneakers. This is pretty much where comfort & style meet….