Tawni Bias Releases Experimental and Healing Album “SEL Fellow”

The ambiently beautiful, peace-seeking, and nature-reflecting new album by Tawni Bias strives to help listeners heal. While falling under the indie/alternative genre, Bias describes his body of work as being “made in layers that stick with a consistent energy that builds throughout. Orchestrated layers that leave you with something new and poignant for each returning listen.” This is in fact a true statement, as you can hear how well thought out the album is. Each time you hear the track list through, it feels like a brand new listening experience unveiling more complexities in its instrumentation.



Expression through vulnerable vocals and dynamic, dream-like melodies reach the subconscious mind and creates a powerful remedy you can feel within. In making “SEL Fellow”, TJ of Tawni Bias closed out the world to take a hiatus from it; to heal and to wonder at it all. The Calgary, Alberta native released these 9 songs at the beginning of October and learning how the album came together is a musical journey in itself. Through small room acoustics in his basement and thoughtful lyrics, Tawni Bias layered on each element until they became a complete song. The album is also chronological in that it was arranged and experienced in the order of creation. 

Vocal chords are one of our most unique features and “SEL Fellow” is an exploration into both the emotional cadence and the hidden sonic guidance they carry. The vocal sampling found therein done entirely by one changing, but consistent, voice.” If you are a fan of Jonsi, The National, and Bon Iver, add Tawni Bias to your music library and enjoy the moody, experimental, and soothing qualities of “SEL Fellow”. 


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Sarah Keith

Creator in both music and business, Sarah is a pop-soul singer-songwriter currently building a retreat company. She divides her time between Toronto & Dominican Republic making music, creating experiences, curating content, & enjoying life with her dog, Cookie.