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Is the new Huawei Mate20 Pro an iPhone converter? We find out in this review

My home is, don’t judge me for the phrase, an Apple ecosystem. As a graphic designer and photographer for many years, my career pushed me towards Apple back when it was the only choice for graphics. Well, now I’m stuck….


Tested: Blunt Umbrellas

I’ve been testing umbrellas for years, in hopes, I could share something great, but through testing, we always found issues with everyone we tested, that is until now. After testing the Blunt Metro, we have to say, it’s the best umbrella we…

Our visit to Infuse Cafe Bar

Located at 354 Yonge St in Toronto is the adorable little spot known as Infuse Cafe. Recently opened on one of the busiest streets in the city, this infusion cocktail bar has a lot to offer, starting with their amazing “High…

From the Library: The Tool Book

I grew up surrounded by tools thanks to a handyman father. Thus I spent summers as a teenager working in construction for my dad’s company so I became very used to and intrigued by tools, so much so I recently learnt all…