Outdoor Design Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Green With Envy

If you truly want to live in a house you can be proud of, you have to be willing to put as much effort into improving your outdoor space as you plan to with your home’s interior design.

Aside from improving your family’s quality of life, having an impressive patio or backyard can make you feel good about having guests over and entertaining. After all, indoor entertainment may be nice, but you need to take things alfresco for that added wow factor.

Here are some outdoor design ideas for your next patio remodeling project.

Photo by David McBee


Daybed with Canopy

Who said beds are only impressive indoors? Outdoor canopy beds are stylish, glamorous, and functional all at the same time. It’s one home feature you can never go wrong with, especially if you love reading or working outdoors in the summer without coming in direct contact with the sun.

A daybed will surely be a hit with guests, too, regardless of age. It’s a place where your friends’ little ones can rest while the adults enjoy their al fresco entertainment.



If you don’t have enough space for an entire daybed, then a patio loveseat might be the better option for you. Here, you can soak up the sun or watch the stars glimmer in the night whenever you feel like it.

Pro tip: For a more eye-catching choice, go for one of those hanging egg chair loveseats where you can spend intimate bonding moments with your partner, best friend, or child.


Stamped Concrete Patio

If you live in a city like Kansas where you get sharp swings in temperature during summers and winters, you might want to go weather-proof and hire a contractor who can build your dream concrete patio for you. It shouldn’t be too difficult to search for a Kansas City patio contractor that can help you personalize and weather-proof your outdoor living area, using techniques like staining or stamping concrete.

Pro tip: Bespoke benches are underrated. It might cost you more to have your benches tailormade than simply picking a few items from the home depot, but with this option, you can have better control over how your patio space will reflect your personality and preferences.


Vertical Planting

A patio won’t be a patio without a couple of plants, but for that added oomph, you might want to explore the beauty of vertical gardening. If you don’t have enough ground space for traditional flower beds or greenhouses, let your creativity run wild and maximize walls and dividers.

You can even craft your own plant racks when you run out of wall space to hang your plants on. This way, the sky’s literally the limit for you and your green thumb.


Overhead Planting

While we’re on the topic of greenery, overhead planting is another method you can explore. When building outdoor dining areas or coffee nooks, a solid roof or a tarpaulin cover might ruin the whole vibe. Instead, install overhead grills and cover it up with creeping plants and vines for that unorthodox, green roofing.

If you grow the plants well enough, they should provide your space with enough protection both from the sun and light to moderate rain. 


Outdoor Mood Lights

One of the easiest ways you can jazz up your patio or pool area is by installing some mood lights. The possibilities are endless — You can even mix up different lighting styles to make your backyard truly “Insta-ready.”

Think outside the box. While overhead lighting can’t be avoided, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for plain lamp posts. If you are fortunate enough to have full-grown trees, illuminate them using string lights or fairy lights for that dainty, bohemian effect. You can also light up walkways and any water features you have like pools and koi ponds for that timeless rustic vibe.

Tiki torches and light orbs are good options too, as long as it fits the overall theme of your outdoor living space.


Outdoor Fire Pit

When all else fails, a fire pit will give you that to-die-for aesthetic for the patio of your dreams. It doesn’t even matter whether you go for the more traditional log fire pits or the gas-on-metal variety — open flames can spice everything up, as long as you include safety features to avoid untoward incidents. This is especially important for creating a kid-friendly backyard.

Nisho, a brand that has a variety of modern and luxury fire pits, says that gas and propane fire pits are a safe outdoor fire pit option due to the controlled flame, just something to think about as safety is always something to consider.

There’s nothing like gathering around a bonfire to share your thoughts and trade stories around. With a fire pit right in your backyard, you won’t even have to go far for the unparalleled, cathartic experience.


Hot Tub

Nothing says fancy quite like having an outdoor hot tub, whether built-in or portable. Building and maintaining an outdoor tub may not be cheap, but as long as you use it regularly and enjoy its intended benefits for relaxation and play, it will be worth the investment. 


It is especially recommended for those who don’t have enough space for a pool. Just imagine dipping into hot waters after a particularly long workday or having friends over for an intimate jacuzzi party complete with champagne and a cheese plate, and you’ll see why it’s worth all the trouble.


Coffee Corner/Outdoor Bar

Depending on your beverage of choice, having an outdoor coffee nook or a cocktail bar might be the perfect addition to your outdoor living area. Whether it’s for a refreshing morning espresso or a nightcap, an outdoor drinking spot can help you welcome and close each day while enjoying nature right from the comfort of your own patio.


Getting fresh air is always a good idea. Whether you’re planning to use your backyard for your me-time or for sharing with friends, these gorgeous design ideas will surely make your home feel more luxurious and “homey.”


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