How To Set Up A Kid Friendly Backyard

With quarantines becoming part of normal life these days, there is a lot of time being spent at home. Keeping kids at home for long periods can be quite a challenge.

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You can let them play around in the yard and that is a great way to pass time. But, when the yard is really set up, they can also learn and really get a lot out of the time spent at home instead of just getting through the day.

Kids learn by doing so giving them the kind of space they need to create and explore will help them thrive during challenging times. You should create a well-landscaped space with some help by a landscaper for a pretty and functional yard and then use that as a canvas to create the ideal kids play space outside.

In this article, I will go over several ways you can make your yard far more kid-friendly so they get more out of their outdoors time. 


A vegetable garden

A garden is an ideal school for kids to learn many different lessons. They learn about how the natural world works in a hands-on way. They can see how the process of plants grow and propagate and the various cycles of life.

Patience and delayed gratification are difficult lessons for kids to learn, but the best examples of them are a garden. They have to work to get their reward and must wait while tending the garden. Their patience is rewarded too when they finally get to eat the sweet vegetables like peas right out of the pod after working so hard and waiting.



A sandbox is a wonderful sensory play area for little kids. They can feel the sand as they play and it helps keep them calm and grounded. They are free to invent and show their creativity with sandcastles.

Boys and girls alike can build with their excavators and dump trucks and while away some fun-filled hours.


Art corner

Set aside a corner where you can put a few ways for kids to create some artwork. A chalkboard is an obvious way to start as it can handle different weather scenarios. Not only that, but chalk can be erased and the board wiped clean which reduces paper waste while giving the kids infinite opportunity to create.

A sculpture spot can also be set up to allow them to experiment with clay and different media to make three-dimensional objects. 


Make a fort

Every kid loves to play in a handmade fort or treehouse outside. It doesn’t have to look nice, it just has to be safe for them to play in. They will use it for tea parties, eating their actual lunch and playing all kinds of games.

With just a few recycled things you probably already have around the house, you can create their own little private getaway. Kids can learn a lot when they have a spot that is all their own.



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