New Music Friday – The Last Warm Day of 2020 Edition

Nice and warm here in Toronto. Hope the same for you, wherever you’re reading this. Unless you’re reading from Antarctica. Then stay frosty. This week is a mish-mash, which is always my goal with NMF posts. There are major label releases today, big artists who need no promo. I may love some of them, but I’d rather put some light on the ones I love who maybe haven’t been heard in a widespread fashion. So, here are the ones for today. If you like them, click links, subscribe, show some love. Hell, be a revolutionary and buy something from them. Have a great weekend!

Here in the Music Dept., we’re fans of Snotty Nose Rez Kids, so when they put out a track, we’re primed to spread it. Where They At is the latest one, so have a listen and find out more about SNRK below.



If you’re like me and often need some feel-good ambient electronic music to defray some frayed nerves, you’ll enjoy this new collab track between Kasbo and Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Have a listen to ‘Lune.

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Middle Kids’ sophomore release was on our 2019 best-of list. I absolutely adored their EP, New Songs for Old Problems. Good news for those us in the know, and for you who haven’t heard the fine music of this Sydney-based trio, they’re releasing a new single today. Please enjoy, RU 4 Me.

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Last for the week is one of our favourite homegrown talents, Yes We Mystics. Their 2019 album Ten Seated Figures was in heavy rotation after its release. They put out a couple of tunes today, so listen below and click some links.
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SNRK photo by Matt Barnes
Kasbo photo by Olof Grind
Yes We Mystics photo by Ally Gonzalo
Middle Kids photo by Daphne Nguyen

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